Better photogrammetry coverage around airports!

Most of the cities which have photogrammetry only cover downtown area where there are not airfield. in contrary, around airport (this is a flight sim and people spend most of their in game time in or around airports) building generated by AI and there is no photogrammetry. I mostly fly jets and the only time I am closest to ground is during approach or take off thus I cant enjoy photogrammetry in cities as I usually be at 20 k feet above the city I am passing thru. So please add more photogrammetry areas around airports

Be careful what you wish for. A few months ago I was flying a lot around Boston, spiralling out from the city and Intl airport and visiting every airport and airfield i could find.

There appears to be a lot of photogrammetry in this area, even in quite rural areas and it runs right up to airports but the quality is pretty “meh”

So “meh” in fact that is was hard to look at, distracting and I turned it off.

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