Better Sim Experience

  • Add important and large Airports (such as Istanbul Airport *LTFM).
  • Add supersonic speed effect (after 343.2 m/s).
  • Add contrails from 25,000 to 40,000 ft altitude.
  • Add landing effect when the aircraft lands on the runway (bigger effect impact according to the weight and speed of the aircraft).
  • Add improved g-force effect.
  • Add turbine and propeller water particle effect on a wet runway.
  • Add water particle effects when the plane lands on water.

Let’s get this important feature through upvote. Together we are strong.

Those are very different issues belonging in different categories. Some of these issues have already been voted on. And some others (particle effects) have already been anounced for the summer with the introduction of DirectX 12.
Large airports will most likely be a thing for 3rd party developers and/or upcoming World Updates.

So I see little merit in you post. Either break it down, and check which of the issues are really new and then vote on the issues that are already there.
Opening a new vote hurts more than it helps!


These are a multitude of features, with various of them already having their dedicated wishlist topic.

Please search before opening a new topic.

Thank you for the information. The 3rd party developers told me that without a default airport it is more difficult to create new airports with little loss of performance. With World Updates certain cities or countries are updated, I would rather update or insert important and large airports regardless of city and country.

So I overlooked particle effects. Then I’ll have to wait for DirectX 12.
Nevertheless, I thank you for your answers.

greetings UnitedG

I have moved your post out of Wishlist and into General Discussion.
The rules of Wishlist are documented on the Wishlist page:

Only one request per topic. Rather than close this as a duplicate, it has been moved to General Discussion.

Finally, the title violated the Code of Conduct. Petitioning for votes in the title is prohibited. That has been changed, as well.

How about if they just get the small push back jacks to align with the front wheel of GA aircraft on the first try rather than running under your plane and into your props before magically popping back out into the proper alignment…lol :roll_eyes:

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