Better vr mirror for recording

Please asobo can you make a better way of recording vr, zooming in to one eye makes the recording shakey, i love to do media content and it is showing off the amazing sim but it world be great to get smooth recording


I agree this would be good to have (although recordings of vr are difficult to get right however you do it), but isn’t the mirroring done in WMR Portal, the Oculus tool, SteamVR etc? It’s not really part of the sim, is it?

I’ve only tried the WMR Portal mirror function, and definitely isn’t smooth; it even seems to drop a lot of frames. But that’s the feature/product that should be improved, right?

But a smooth, dampened virtual camera for recordings would be awesome! Even better if we could have more than one camera, allowing recordings from both the vr view and external/drone cameras at the same time. For performance reasons, this should however probably be part of the replay features. :slight_smile:

There’s already been a couple of threads wishing for this, unfortunately the forums slack voting structure means the Mods can’t merge the votes so they get lost when the mods merge the threads.

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Screen Recorder (MOVAVI)

You have wmr mirror which is worse than the output microsoft puts out, if you pause wmr mirror you will see the game output which is left and right eye but seperate so you have to zoom in on one eye, with obs studio which is what I use, they need to give more options like most vr titles do, hopefully they do it soon

Even if I agree for a better mirror you should use the search function and grab existing thread in the VR wishlist’s, as currently votes are sadly diluted.

I can’t post link, last time I was flagged by mods as you can’t advertise a wish…

Edit : I mean to reply to OP, sorry MarcG888

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I agree I’m not to clued up on this forum, I will search and upvote, I feel there is not enough voting for the vr side of things, its a shame I feel it is most important, even as it is now it is so much better than flat screen, I have added base shakers and wind blowing with the spitfire canopy open it is truly an awesome experience, I’m planning on a 6 dof simulator to finalise the experience. Roll on directx 12 and eventually dlss


The way Eagle Dynamics does it in DCS would be great and give lots of freedom - save a track file that includes all simulator events and active camera/head positions (in VR). Users could play back that track to experience a flight again. They could use whatever display they prefer and allow re-saving the track with the new head/look direction information.

This would allow users to just fly the flight and not worry about what they are looking at. Fly in VR or on a monitor. The playback would use saved head or camera movements unless the rider wished to override them. That also lets users refine views during playback if they choose.

It also creates a built-in ride capability. Not everyone knows how to fly a given aircraft especially in group-fly, race, or formation aerobatic flights. But someone who does know could record that exciting or interesting flight and play it back for non-pilots where they could experience the same flight from the cockpit without needing to know how to fly, navigate, or whatever.

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Yeah that would be ideal dcs does have a great systom

I’m not really sure if the DCS replay system is the best we could ask for… it’s got its flaws, and they are quite important ones.

DCS saves all the inputs you do, but that means your PC needs to go through every single one of them and recalculate what has actually happened. Keep in mind Flight Simulator works as a “live weather” simulator, with plenty of variables, while DCS works in a very different way. Also, in DCS you can replay a track and you’ll see that the track might differ to what really happened… plenty of times I tried to replay a track of a long mission just to see how I crashed against some building when taking off, something which never happened. I definitively do not want the same system for FS.

No, DCS isn’t perfect but I wasn’t saying to duplicate DCS’s replay system good and bad. I was just saying the ability to replay flights would be welcome and those features I listed would be good to include.

I never said to duplicate what they do with all the warts. If there are any gaps in the data, yes, your plane flies a different path in DCS. Not advocating for that at all.

Saying you would like a replay system that has similar features doesn’t mean duplicate everything DCS does.