Better worldmap icons/legend

The map where you set up your new flight could use some work. FSX had a good map: you could see what was where in just a second.

  • This map has all items (airports, navigation and scenery) represented by the same white dot, unless you zoom in very far. And even then different items are only distinguished by a small icon inside the white dot.

  • I’d like to see more filters for airports, currently it is based on available runway type. But as somebody who prefers jetliners this doesn’t tell me enough. I’d like to see these tags/filters added: Passenger, Cargo, Executive, GA, Military. Then I can only see the airports I’d like to know about. This will make it more likely I fly to an airport I didn’t know about.
    If you get to set up a Scenery Gateway like service we can even tag the airports ourselves! wink wink

  • Once zoomed in on an airport you can choose your specific spot. I know the titles given to the spot usually say what kind of apron it is. But how about you give them different colours so we can see in a split second where the terminal is, or the GA stands, or the military…
    Also, I think it’d be good if you add spawn points at holding points for runways?

I did make a video about how they could improve the world map,

I’d like to see a proper map, with towns, cities, country’s etc. The option to show were you’ve flown/been. Airport names not just letters, needs to be way more engaging especially for newbies aka me, Xbox users who might be more casual to the whole sim genre, etc,