Beyond ATC, how to plan ahead cruise frequencies

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I fly the PMDG 737-800 and I’m recently started flying with beyond atc. Because of realism I always hide the beyond atc window and never try to look at it. I find all the airport frequencies on the navigraph charts, and try to plan in advance so I have no problem understanding the next frequencies and do not waste a lot of time dialing them in in the virtual cockpit (which I find a hassle with the mouse).

But once I go to radar/center and I’ve never flown the route before, how can one know which frequencies to expect? I’ve searched in navigraph which doesn’t seem to have the data, and also in little navmap which sometimes has an indication of the frequency ARTCC you are flying through, but its very hard to find.

Is there a better way?


This response no help at all. Just interested in the replies you get :grinning:

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