BeyondATC - AI Based ATC

Hot off the presses, from the Captain himself:

Thousands upon thousands of responses and the results are in. It wasn’t even close - “release it sooner” was the overwhelming response by a landslide.

So, that’s our plan. I still won’t give a date (you know me better than that by now :wink: ) but our intention is to put BeyondATC out as Early Access, without Traffic as an “alone in the sky” IFR experience for both airlines and GA aircraft as soon as possible and when we feel it’s ready.

Traffic will be our second highest priority right after launching a stable 1.0. This remains very important for us and we’ll do our best to get it out as soon as able.

Many people brought up some really good points that launching in 1.0 will slow down progress on traffic as we work on support tickets, but we have some ideas how to mitigate this, so stay tuned.

Thank you all for taking the time to fill out the questionnaire and for your feedback in the main channel. Onward to 1.0!!


I voted to delay release until traffic, but with how crummy the built in ATC is and the lack of coverage on Vatsim for areas I fly in on my schedule this will be a vast improvement, so I will be getting it ASAP.

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I will wait until they support VFR. I guess that’ll be after they add traffic?


Traffic is 2-4 months after EA at best, so VFR is late 2024 im thinking.

Good to have some clarity, so we can do budget planning and perhaps buy an extra plane or airport first instead. I will definitely wait until traffic is included, so no early access purchase, as for the moment I’m happy to stick with Pilot2ATC for just the interaction with the controllers (plus it has some nice extra features such as moving map, detailed flight plan display and taxiways management). Doesn’t mean I’m not really looking forward to the complete BeyondATC package though!

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I will wait till traffic is released and will make do with limitations as of now - have been living with it for 4 years, couple of more months wont do any harm :wink:


If there’s one thing I know about software development (especially in the flight sim genre), it’s that timelines are rarely met.

Double that timeframe and that sounds more realistic and far less likely to disappoint.


I’m hoping BATC will open up ATC to me, Ive tried and gave up with default etc, tried many years ago with Vatsim but I was too clumsy. I’m sure I will need to learn much before traffic is included so I’m happy to get my hands on a solo version first.

Question - will BATC be ale to vector traffic injected by FSLTL?

No, it will inject it own traffic. It can however use the FSLTL models for traffic injection

Same here. What’s the point of using BATC if you are the only plane in the game? The primary purpose of ATC is to prevent collisions and organize the flow of air traffic. If there is no traffic, there is no need for ATC. Hopefully the injector is not 6+ months away and we will see a complete BATC before MSFS2024.


Captain: “To go along with EasyJetSimPilot’s fantastic video today, I’ve added this functionality to allow you to select which phase of flight you’re in, so BATC will automatically initialize to the appropriate logic and no longer present you with options that aren’t valid for the stage of flight you’re in!”

Source: Discord


That’s certainly a perfectly valid view my dude.

Another view is from folks who want to experience ATC chatter in any meaningful working form.
The in-game ATC as we know is well below acceptable. And you don’t respond using your voice (BATC auto-response is for another discussion).
With BATC you’re adding a vital immersive part of your ATC experience right off the blocks (and before… ahem).
Others may wish to learn from BATC with a view to graduating to VATSIM etc. so don’t necessarily need other traffic at that point.

The missing element in the early access release is also the ‘other chatter’ experience. A long flight, alone with BATC, will seem strange. I totally get that.
And if that aligns and is added by no meaningful traffic and a reason for being controlled in the first place, yeah I completely get that too. When utilising BATC and VATSIM (depends on who’s on the network mid-flight)… sure enough other traffic being controlled properly is essential for that experience.

However, I’d say BATC is far from pointless at this point.


I’d argue with this. I use default ATC for all my flights IFR and VFR. It’s simplified but once you know its limitations and learn how to use it, you can make it usable. Having said that I am looking forward to BATC but only with the injector. Sadly, it won’t be available anytime soon.


Me, too. My philosophy is “work with what you’ve got”.

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I am currently using SI (also without traffic injection at the moment) and cannot imagine EVER going back to clicking my requests/responses with the lifeless, robotic, failure-prone default ATC.

this could have been written by me, word by word. thats exactly my thoughts on BATC

I too have adapted to using the in-sim ATC, you work with what you’re given, but I’ve been following the development of the two new players in the game, Say Intentions (SI) and Beyond ATC (BATC). Yesterday I watched a video presentation of SI after having viewed similar for BATC and have to say I was mightily impressed with how SI has improved, to the point of almost subscribing.
But of course the huge difference is the cost - don’t get me wrong, I really do think it’s worth it given the tech involved. But as the video presenter commented at $30 per month you are going to be a hardened flightsimmer who uses it a lot if you are to justify that against $30 TOTAL for BATC. He estimated 85% would go for BATC and 15% for SI - this was apart from the dedicated Vatsim users.
Me? I do fly as often as I can but like so many have other commitments so $30pm is out of the question. So I’ll be going for BATC, might even get it day one and wait for the traffic. $30 plus occasionally topping up the premium voices (like PAYG) will better suit my way of using MSFS. Just need a little more patience!


For your enjoyment.

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Needs some wrenching here and there, but obviously it’s still a beta. It remains to be seen I guess.