Get your product out BeyondATC. Even if BETA, I would purchase it for sure.

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Just to put my own 2 cents here. I’d rather have it offline only, have the IFR polished of all bugs and then move onto injected traffic. If other traffic weren’t NPC-s I might think it differently, but as a single player experience first and foremost I want MY flight to be handled as good as possible.


As a long time listener first time ATC’r…at the moment all I need is my own ATC interaction. I do not know how to talk ATC and need to learn, after a few months I hoping I will be ready to interact with ATC confidently and with other traffic. I’m happy to purchase now, with better functions later.

I voted “yes”. And i will use it a lot. But only if it’s possible to populate gates with static aircraft. For the time being, i could live with no other moving aircraft, but departing/arriving on a large empty airport is a no-go for me. I’m really looking forward to this release.

You can use FSLTL to populate gates with moving/flying aircraft at zero.

A bit of more elaboration. Nowdays I either fly on vatsim or don’t bother with ATC at all.

When everything clicks on vatsim and there are controllers online on both ends of the flight I feel lucky, if there is a decent amount of traffic too, then it’s like christmas. But let’s be real, such flights are one in a month or less with my work shifts. Also vatsim and BATC do not mix, so let’s move on to single player

Flying alone I do turn on FSLTL traffic injector so that airports aren’t deserted, but since tha vanilla ATC is so bad I rather fly in silence. Now if BATC would release first without traffic, then my basic immersion would benefit greatly.

BATC will not be complete until traffic is part of it, but in my humble opinion that is the icing on the cake, not the cake itself


BATC will not be complete until VFR is part of the cake, but I guess I only represent 10% of the BATC-wanting population.

By the way… I flew the three x-Atlantic hops from the world tour last weekend in the Longitude, on the basis of an IFR flight plan I made in LNM. MSFS guided me flawlessly through all the flights, and vectored me correctly through all the waypoints, at the right altitudes, to the final glide slope, and to the gate.
Also the IFR-flight between Dublin and London City went flawlessly.
I guess I was lucky all these times?

Sorry if I derail this discussion slightly with this comment.

I’m with you in the VFR club. Since I do Pilotedge, VATSIM, and, I probably won’t shell out for BATC until it can replace one of these for VFR flying. (I’m hoping, of course, that it will replace SI just because that’s the most expensive.)

But the survey isn’t asking if people will buy an early releaese, it is asking if it should be made available as early release.

So when those that do not want to get it early vote with “no” they actually vote for not havingnit released for everyone else.

I fully understamd that many people prffer to wait for the final release
But voting “no” is basically the same as saying “and everyone else should wait as well”.

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So I voted for early release with IFR and no traffic. Heres my thinking on why…

With an early release with no traffic it allows for only focusing on issues regarding ATC and IFR.

Waiting till traffic is included means the devs wiil inevitably need to resolve not only ATC and IFR issues but ALSO TRAFFIC issues.

Waiting till ATC , IFR and TRAFFIC are included means they will have to prioritize issues for all three types.

An early release would only need to prioritize on two types of issues.

Just my way of thinking from a trouble shooting point of view…


I need to train the voice recognition anyway. Might as well do it on an easy going frequency.

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True but at least from what I have read it will be a full price purchase, not prorated. Nor have I read anything that it will just be released ‘as is’ i.e. as a free BETA version so to speak.

If that is in fact the case beware of the danger of project collapse, even if unintentional, if/when everyone buys it early release. Once the majority of the money has been gotten there could be less incentive to finish the traffic portion just from the business sense that I am still shelling out Dev $'s with little prospect of return on investment.

And, please, before everyone hits the ‘fire at will button’ on their keyboards, I am NOT, repeat NOT saying this will be the case. Only that it is a possibility from a business case. Honest truth is I myself don’t even know where I come down on the release now vs. finish 1st decision. This is just one of the potential factors that concerns me.


I understand your point from a general perspective.

But I have been following their discord daily and this is an absolute zero consern for me. Zero.

Althought there is profit in this project this project is driven by passionate developers that want to built the best ATC.

The whole project was rewritten and delayed to support traffic, or else it would probably have been released already. It make no sense to abandon that part now, not in terms of effort done or the fact that the developers really is passionate to get this done.


Thanks for the understanding. I too understand and agree with your counterpoint and it is every bit as valid and or likely.

With that said it can only go so far. I do not know the ‘Captain’ and while I love, believe and apricate his desire and wish to deliver something of great value I doubt he is financing this without some sort of loan or other lending method.

That is the concern. No matter how much he may desire to deliver in the end if he spends more that he takes in there is the risk it cannot be paid back. He could go into debt either business wise or personally if he tries to go too far past what his determined financial timeline is.

Highly unlikely it will come to pass that way and I cannot tell you how much I, like many, many others want this to pan out as he and we want it to. To the BATC team, no matter how it ends up you have my heartfelt thanks and admiration for taking on something like this to start. I love nothing more than the thought of giving you my money for what I have been dreaming of in my 40+ years of flight siming.

An interesting observation which in all honesty hadn’t crossed my mind.

I am not sure that it will happen though (but who knows?) because the dev seems enthusiastic, a lot (guessing admittedly) of potential buyers seem determined to only buy the finished product which would leave a lot of untapped profit and a heck of a lot of revenue from future customers (must be right) would be lost with such a short sighted decision.

I’m no Nostradamus though and have been wrong before.

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Cap has said in his videos that this is a passion project, and not something he was out to make money on, hence the drastic price reduction from what he first announced and the re-structuring of the voice models.

That said, I think the big bet here is to sell the IP to a larger entity if this thing works as well as advertised. I could see Microsoft buying the IP to directly integrate into a future MSFS release.

I think that is a very plausible scenario, I mentioned something along those lines when I first heard about BATC. Quite honestly from what I’ve seen of Asobo’s skills at AI/ATC (assuming they’re even really trying and/or are not hiding a gem in 2024) I would love nothing more than to see them get involved with BATC or some other Dev team for ATC and traffic.

But only in terms of taking the work unmolested and delivering. I really don’t want to be holding short at KATL waiting for a flying mechanical insect on short final…and it would probably go around anyway :roll_eyes:

Guys, what are you discussing? It’s not an investment of life savings. It costs half the price of one premium airplane addon. If it even works for a few months I will be a happy. I just want to be able to fly whole flights from-to any airport with semi-authentic ATC once or twice a week when I find the time.
Also, if they collapse (which I don’t foresee), they might just as well do that post final release. Having a feature complete product doesn’t guarantee anything.


It’s not unprecedented. They’ve already partnered up with Working Title to handle the avionics suite. Why not outsource the ATC and traffic to someone like BATC?


It really bugs me that you’re right (almost) all the time. :rofl:

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