Big Concerns regarding new UPDATE PATCH

I have installed this program on my SSD for speed. But, my SSD now has 37 Gigs of open space. My understanding is that this patch alone is 90 Gigs. So, my questions/concerns are:

  1. Can I download the patch with this much open space. I know it comes in packets. Do each of these packets come down and install individually so that it can be done with this amount of available space?
  2. Does this update replace existing code? Or is this in addition to original code thus increasing the size of the existing program?
  3. How large will the patched program be?
  4. I hate to un-install and re-install this to my HDD, but would that now be advisable?

No harm done in just waiting to see how it goes, 90 gigs of updates sound like wayyy outside of the box. I don’t think it would be that large.


I guess we can wait and see, but I’m also going to post on Zen Desk as well. I’ve heard in two places that the patch is 90 Gigs.

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I’m not sure where 90GB for the update is coming from. I’ve seen that from a few people, but not from any official source. I wouldn’t worry about it until there’s some actual confirmation. That number just seems ridiculously high for what’s supposed to be in the patch.


The entire game itself is around 90 so I doubt it.


One group of patch files (if it is all 90 GB) is 60 GB in size (32 x 2GB files) to download then you need some space to decompress it.

that is my concern…will 37 Gigs be enough? Or do I need to un-install and install on my larger HDD. I hate to start over. :frowning:

The patch is not that big. People are looking in the Content Manager at the base package which says to restart to update. That verbiage “restart to update” is a bug and shouldn’t be displaying, and folks from Alpha are saying it persisted back then. That is NOT the update. That is the size of the entire package, and has nothing to do with the upcoming patch.


I personally doubt it will be 90GB, unless they have made changes in every single package. It should only have to redownload packages whos content differs from yours. Doesn’t make sense to redownload the asobo-aircraft-c152 package for example if nothings changed in it.

I hope so… it is working so well off of my SSD right now… I don’t want to mess with it.

Will some of this replace existing code so that it won’t significantly effect the current size of the program?

The sim downloads the package, and then extracts it into the game directory. Im pretty sure it deletes the package as soon as its completed the extraction. So, my theory at least, the maximum amount of additional disk space used will temporarily be the size of whatever the largest single package is. Whether its more than 37 GB or not, I have no idea. Hopefully I explained that well enough.

Yes you did… much appreciated. I just don’t know what will happen if it goes south during installation, i don’ t want to jeopardize my operating system by choking it.

No one knows for sure this time as it’s the first time we’ve updated production where it doesn’t have version named folders.

During the Tech Alpha, each (full) update would take the same amount of space again as it would create a new folder with the version of the sim used in the directory name. Therefore, it would install side by side with the last version.

Now it’s just called Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe , in theory, you would have thought it would record over the old version of the files directly and take up minimal space, but this is just a guess.

We’ll all be learning on the next update!

I think that this Patch will be less than 5gb, so don’t worry.
Installing such a big piece of software on a small disk isn’t a good idea.
I bought a 1TB Samsung ssd just for MSFS only so i still have lots of space left…

wish i could say that

You mean 1TB right? because a 1gb ssd is uh
rather small to say the least

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Haha, Yes, typo, sorry…

Especially on SSDs, lifetime tends to be lower if it is always quite full since the SSD cannot evenly distribute sectors when writing data and thus wearing out sectors faster that are not permanently used.

don’t worry i guess it would be around 1.2GB