Big FPS killers in VR

Now I’ve got my set up finally really well optimised and working well for my Quest 2 I’m beginning to do a lot more VR flying and noticing the things that are big FPS killers for me. One thing I’ve noticed a few times is that flying anywhere near wind farms causes a lot of stuttering and the stuttering doesn’t seem to stop long after I’ve flown past the wind farm. This is a particular problem flying around Scotland, where there are a lot of wind farms.

I wonder if Asobo could patch the VR mode so wind turbines don’t turn. They are quite often just stationary in real life after all.

As with just playing the game normally on a flat screen any glass display aircraft eats up a lot of processing power but in VR I find the big airliners are practically unflyable. Even turning setting right down doesn’t seem to achieve much and everything becomes a blurry mess anyway. Its a shame the airliners just push things too far for the sim at the moment in VR.

I guess there’s a lot of optimisation thats still to be done.

I wonder instead if Asobo could fix this instead, so that they continue turning instead, if ever wind turbines and stuttering is related.

PS: I’ve flown a lot lately at Hawaii / PHNL near the northern wind turbines and I’ve seen any problem with them.

Interesting, but I’ve not had any stutters near wind turbines.

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