Big Radials P40 takeoff issue

I have issues on takeoff.
For some reason I keep overstressing the aircraft on takeoff, just after the wheels leave the ground.
All parameters for takeoff are set, not over powering the aircraft, holding till about 110, gently on the stick, slow lift off.
Suggestions please, till then the P40 is grounded.

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Are you by any chance taking off with the canopy open? That would be the correct procedure. Unfortunately, the P-40 - unlike the Milviz Corsair and the Flying Iron Spitfire - uses default code that treats the canopy as an exit, and immediately applies overstress if the “exit” is open on takeoff. The workarounds are either to leave the canopy closed, or to turn off stress and crash detection. Hope this helps.

just deactivate the crash in the options , its buggy anyways

Thanks for the replies, I will give both a go.

Canopy closed worked a treat. Thanks

The developers are looking into this, per comments in other threads.

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Sorry, coming back to this late - but glad it worked for you.

I hope the devs will rethink this and take an approach similar to the other warbirds. Open canopy on takeoff and landing is a standard (and pretty atmospheric) operating procedure.

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