Big stutters while flying over same area since update 5 hotfix

since update 5 i could fly on ultra with no lag but since the first hotfix for update 5 i have huge stutters in the same area flying other aircraft video for example

No problems before this update. Now I can’t take off in any plane without the Sim turning into a slide show. Renamed the community and the Official folders. Uninstaller msfs and before reinstalling found that all folders including renamed folders were deleted. Now waiting for the whole thing to reinstall. That will be about five hours. When will the hot fix for these problems be out? This will be my sixth reinstall of this Sim… I have to reinstall after every update. I know that there have to be hundreds with the same problems.

same here, (system in profile), random heavy stutters, not even the menue is accessable. sometimes only for 30sec to a minute once up to 4minutes.

found my issue remove the Al ship mod

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Thks, found that out tooo late. Know better next time (probably the next update) Dont have the free shipping mod. Actually dont currently have anything in the community folder. Could be a mod I bought in the msfs market.