BIKF Crashes Sim

I have pretty mediocre settings mostly low a few Medium, but I can’t complete a flight into BIKF (Iceland). Was on final 1mile out Nd it crashed. When I tried to reload it same thing. I tried spawning at what I would consider a more complex airport KJFK and it loaded fine. I tried KCLT fine.

So something at BIKF it doesn’t like.

Anyone can let me know if they can load it fly into BIKF?


Hey, the crashing at BIKF is currently an known issue and the team are aware. Hopefully a fix will come soon to solve this issue.

See here: - Known Issues -

Thanks. Gotta find another stop for fuel.

Is there list of airports with this issue being accumulated?

Me too, I choose fly fm BIRK TO BIKF, CTD when approach to RW19 BIKF. And CTD each time i load to BIKF fm map or plan ! NO Other airports get this error so far!

Yeah same here took me 30min to figure that something was wrong with the area. Thanks to the quick response on the forum I save myself a lot of time and frustration.

Of course there are 37000 airports likely there is another like this one out there.

Glad it wasn’t just me. Spent quite a while trying to load up a flight at BIKF with constant crashing.

I also have the same problem the SIM just crash without any error message.

Just to add that after 2 fatal attempts to land at BIKF, I subsequently crashed FS passing overhead (from BIRK to the West). Good to hear the devs are aware; I guess I’ll avoid even as a WP until fixed.

EDIT: Whoops, I now see it had already been noted that entering the area (i.e. loading BIKF scenery) seems to be the trigger.

crashing for me, too

Just had 2 , back to back CTD trying to land at this airport

Is this fixed yet?

Yes, I believe this was fixed about 3 months ago. Are you seeing issues with the version released this week?

I didn’t try. I am planning to fly by there soon. Good to know it is fixed. I didn’t recall seeing that update.