BIKF forces FS2020 to desktop

You neither cannot land at BIKF nor depart because there is always CTD

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@CYB1682 Welcome to the forums.

This is a known issue and hopefully will be fixed soon.

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Yes, here a also a thread you can read a bit, what other users have reported about it:

Like @tamalien said, it´s known and hopefully fixes with one of the next updated.

tonight I flew from BIAR to BIKF with C172 all the way until the last 4 NM and there it was …CTD.
I have no problems with other airports until now. seldom
My computer i779600 with NVIDIA 2070 Super.

Yes, we all have it…please read the posts and have a look to the other linked thread

i have same problem, at the first attempt I still thought that my settings were causing the problem in connection with the fog, but now after the second approach in fine weather I realize that it is not my fault, but a game error that should be fixed as soon as possible … 6 Hours of flight time in the bucket

flown route: LFVP -> BIKF with a A320N

my rig: i9 9900k, rtx2080, 32gb 3200mhz, running on m2 evo plus 1TB