Binding Master Caution / Warning ack buttons

I don’t know about all you guys, but to me, this seems like a huge oversight. These warnings have a purpose, but often, you want to shut up the alarms once you know there’s an issue. If I enable my parking brake while I’m holding short for a takeoff, I don’t want to have to listen to the alarm. Same for activating the TMB’s in-sep.

Yeah, right now, we can use the mouse to click and shut them up. But the fact that we can’t bind these very basic, rudimentary commands to a key is mind boggling. It just seems like such an obvious thing, yet these commands are completely lacking.


Still no keybinding for this ?

Nope. Nor SDK commands for them either.

I was afraid of this !

There are keybindings for this but they dont seem to work.

If you use SPADnext you can bind them to a peripheral - I use one of the buttons on a Saitek radio panel (short press to dismiss a caution and a long press to dismiss a warning).

But binding them to a key or something else via the in SIM controller profiles would obviously be welcome for all the folk that don’t use Spad etc. And I’m not sure you can.

Count me as another looking for the ability to bind these.

How does this issue become part of the wish list?

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Of all the things…this seems like the easiest thing and probably one of the most convenient

I did wonder about this. Perhaps this should be logged as a bug?

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