Bindings for user camera translation

The key assignments are missing on my system in the “Bindings for user camera translation” section in Options ≥ General ≥ VR mode Menu:


How can I add these assignments?
I can’t find these assignments by these names.

do a search in options, for ‘translate’, and choose the ‘cockpit camera’, menu options to set buttons to translate left right, forward, backwards. I am not able to find anythiing for up and down though ( to raise the seat / default view up and down).

i have these programmed to my keyboard cursor. Obviously i have to grope in VR a bit to adjust the seat while in VR, but works ok.

For some reason, when starting in VR, the default view is right in the center of the cockpit for GA ( between the seats) , or way down with your view point somewhere at blowjob height

Is it not possible to map these functions to the POV switch on my joystick? They only show on the keyboard setup?

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