Bindings that will extend and retract spoilers by steps and arm / disarm

I am looking for the ability to extend and retract spoilers by steps, and when they are fully retracted, or moved out of the retracted position, the spoilers should arm or disarm, as shown here:

Binding #1: Step down
From Disarm Spoilers → Extend 1 lvl → Extend 2 lvl → Etc

Binding #2: Step up
From last extended spoilers → Retract 2lvl → Retract 1lvl → Arm Spoilers

In other sims, I can use only one switch for arm/disarm/extend/retract.

I have tried using the DISARM AUTO SPOILERS and EXTEND SPOILERS and ARM AUTO SPOILERS and RETRACT SPOILERS options together, but that doesn’t work.