Bing Data causing crashes with add-on Airports or Scenery

Crashes at EGNM and EGTB (both ORBX). With these adding installed switching off bing data prevents the crash. Leaving bing data enabled and uninstalling the mods prevents the crash.

Seems to be a compatibility issues with mods and bing data to me. Any update on this issue from Microsoft?

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Just bought the EGGP scenery yesterday and I can’t even use it without a CTD. Haven’t bothered yet taking bing maps off yet and trying it- surely sim looks bad with this off?!

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I just hope it doesn’t end in “backlog” or “under investigation” for “ongoing improvements” in Sim Update X.


Appalling! I am quickly running out of patience with these guys.

Spike fix was due in ‘a matter of days’, one month later, nothing.


This will end up in " We can’t reproduce the issue yet, please send screenshots" :rofl:


Asobo and Microsoft, we demand an official statement! Breaking things on production right before the weekend is really unacceptable!


I was on approach to LOWI in A320, first time successful flight utilizing A/C systems properly and CTD at 4 miles out on ILS approach. Oh well, stih happens. I’m not going to curse the folks who made this happen when I wouldn’t even have had the amazing flight up until that point were it not for their work.

ASOBO: Thanks for the first hour of a satisfying flight…maybe next time ya’ll can be a bit more careful with the updates. I’d appreciate it. Regardless, hats off to you for this revolutionary sim. As I descended into Innsbruck the air rushing over the mountains began to push the A320 around, something you just cannot experience in any other PC simulator. That alone is a great leap in our genre’s replication of RW conditions. I’ll stick the landing next time :slight_smile:

You strike me as one of those guys who is perfectly fine with working countless hours of unpaid overtime just because your boss gives you free pizza.

This is not the ‘yay free pizza’ thread. This is the ‘I don’t want to work for free’ thread.


I get a CTD at the new Brussels scenery from JustSim.


Glad I checked here as London City was crashing each time I loaded in. Interesting its happening with no update so something has been messed up server side with BING i guess.

A quick fix should be mandatory here - and be it reverting the updated assets to their previous state! I couldn’t care less for any type of statement in the lines of “we are investigating…”


Yeah, I think we should also make a fuss in Twitter until they give us an official statement!

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Have any statements been made?!

Not that I am aware of

So looks like we are stuck like this till next Tuesday . LOL

Well funny you should mention ‘work’. You are so insightful, in such a wrongheaded way. Yes, I do end up ‘working for free’ in a sense. After all, I cannot charge my clients for every single moment I spend ensuring their networks and phone systems are up and doing their respective jobs so that they can see patients and provide them with great health care. There are times when I perform a task here, get struck by a sudden urge to check something there, double check the monitoring software and make sure this or that site is up and running rather than trust the chain of other systems that must all work properly in order for alerts to get to me (many of which are beyond my control like 365 for instance). And yet I do these things because I take pride in our work and always have my customers well being on my mind. We charge for MOST of the time we spend but sometimes we don’t just because WE chose to check in or tweak this or that because it occurred to me to do so.

Yup, I’m the type of guy who ‘works for free’ just because its MY business that my wife and I own and pour our sweat into knowing that we get more back when we put in more than we are required to. Free pizza, nope the rewards are a bit better than that. They could always be better of course but we get by and have a lot of time to go make our own pizza and relax and enjoy what we have.

Sure hope that clarifies things for you. Oh, and don’t accept that free pizza from the ‘boss’…its a trap. Oops got to go, my boss is calling and I hate to make her wait :0

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Sorry to mention you @Jummivana, but is this something you can escalate? Thank you

Uninstalling EGNM Orbx scenery (bought on day one via Marketplace) stops my CTD’s

Also simply disabling Bing Maps worked, but of course the sim looks awful without it.

edit: I’ve been into my Orbx scenery folder & simply renamed the bgl file (as suggested by some here) & everything appears to be working again :grinning:



Ich habe den Flugplatz LOWG - Graz aus der Addon - Liste zugekauft und installiert. Leider stürzt das ganze Programm sttändig ab bei diesem Flugplatz. Auch beim Anflug in ungefähr 1 Kilometer Entfernung ist plötzlich das ganze Programm aus. Starten auf LOWG-Graz ist übrhaupt nicht möglich.
Nachdem ich den Flugplatz deinstalliert hab geht wieder allles.
Ich hab die Umgebung mit dem Cache in Stufe 1 und 2 heruntergeladen um die Gegend genauer zu sehen.
Bei den anderen zugekauften Österreichischen Plätzen funktioniert alles.

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