Bing data streaming issues Nov 2023

Considering the map-zooming CTDs that are still with so many of us in SU13, and now a 12-hr outage of the very feature most of us have invested in the platform for, some comment from MS / Asobo on future server robustness at some point wouldn’t go amiss, especially if they’re going to be putting more load on it for 2024.

We may not be enterprise customers, but the occasional ‘thank you for your patience’ message isn’t an entirely satisfying response to get with such a big outage.


I mean, can’t they pop up a dialog box or have some indication on the menu screen that there is a Bing/scenery issue? I’m only a month into this sim and spent 30 to 45 minutes checking settings, googling missing scenery, wondering if the update that it just did broke something? to finally find this discussion yesterday evening.

Feeling sorry for the ones here that did a re-install.

Seems to go from bad to worse to unplayable now. Map CTDs recently bad enough but now this.
Hugely disappointing.

And they want to use more server dependent streaming for 2024, Yikes !, I can’t begin to think of what could happen on a frequent basis during busy server traffic. Oh boy ! :pensive:


Hopefully we’ve all learned something from this for the release of FS2024.

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Back to normal in Canada, Quebec region

Better then nothing at all?

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Arguable, but…

Bing is back! I flew low over my old home town Linkoeping in Sweden and this is the result.

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Just to put this topic in perspective for all the doom and gloomers in this thread. I know when this happens and you want to fly it’s irritating, trust me been there. But I’ve been getting these emails since being one of the people to report this a year ago.

To put a little perspective on I’ve experienced this issues 3 times in 3000+ hours of flying on MSFS 2020. Occasionally there are going to be outages due to various reasons. Sometimes those reason will be on MS side of the house and other will be various reason between you and them.

I think the take away for me is better communication is key on this, I would like to see a notification when loading up if the servers have anything going on to let us know and maybe even through a little FAQ link up for the new comers so they know what to expect. Other games even have a “network status” page you can visit which would be terrific even if somewhat rudimentary on the MS side so we can quickly gauge if things are broken and being looked at…

So take that for what it’s worth.


That already exists here Online Services Monitoring

This is where I came first when I noticed the issue. It was all green at that stage, as it says it is manually updated.
It would be good to see this automated somehow, although I probably wouldn’t have created this thread if it was, as the notification would be sent to the powers that be already.

Maybe change your title to ‘Nov 2023’, instead of ‘Nov 23’ The 23rd is rolling up on us and I think folks might think your post applies to Novermber 23rd.

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It was my clock of all things, lol. I hadnt realized it until I saw “monday” lol…


And here’s some extra words for the forum rules…


With the Bing data streaming now back to normal, this topic will be closed for the time being.

The MSFS Team

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