Bing map changing when flying over?

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No, tested with and without Community folder, no difference.
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When flying over terrain, in this case around EKRK and EKCH, the terrain underneath changes drastically though weird LOD issues. Seems like a different version of the Bing map is loading in at low altitudes? See attached video:

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Get in a plane. Fly the plane.
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Latest patch was when I noticed. World update 6?
Are you on the Steam or Microsoft Store version?
I already told you.
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Nope did not submit.

Seeing the same here, something is wrong in Copenhagen. Same problem in safe mode,so it’s a bug for sure.

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Have seen on xbox console also. Stopped above around 1300ft. Was during one of the bush trips around northern Europe so sounds similar. Texture tiles behind you also disappear as you fly along so, as these have already loaded, doesn’t look like a download speed issue. Almost like a huge spotlight us shining down from above plane and only ground illuminated by light loads textures

Have noticed this when flying over Germany.

This bug existed since SU5 in august.
the highest resolution LOD loads not only a hi-res texture but a completely different one. you’ll see this effect at a couple of different locations all over the world actually. since it only shows when flying lower then 1300ft most users flying IFR Airliners won’t even notice it, the VFR GA users do though.
Well besides that, so many different post were made about this, some were closed, most ignored, especially by asobo.

Another instance of it happening here in the Azores, near LPPI.

For me the problem is gone now, at least at copenhagen and stockholm.

Well for me it is back again. Have been flying the Airbus h145 heli lately around Copenhagen and below 300 feet the textures change rapidly. Have the same in Tasmania though.

Tried with/without cache, changing season etc. No joy.

A wild guess is that it has to do with installing scenery (airports) which I have done in both places lately. Any thoughts on that?!

Seems to come from add on airports. Have recently added some around Copenhagen. If removed from the community folder the problem disappears…how ever
then also the airports.

Any input.

Have written to a payware airport designer with the problem. Will report back if solutions appears.