Bing updates - how to know what and when?

I assume bing updates (better colorwise and or sharper imagery) is independant from FS world or sim updates, right?

So whenever bing got new data, we get it right away in our FS.

Is there any way to see when and what got an update on bing, so that we know it’s worth revisiting location X, which had low quality data before?

Unfortunately mostly no three times.

There might be a tiny bit of yes to part one but unsure.

are you sure ? it sounds absolutely incorrect. we never see any bing maps update synced with the sim, except for limited WU coverage.

Bing is extremely outdated anyway. The in sim world is outdated


Hmm, whenever there is some ground texture anomaly or very low ground quality, it’s always said that we should check bing first. So I assumed that current bing = current FS.

That is not the case?

If I remember correctly some time ago it was stated that the sim does use its own data. It is derived from Bing, but not pulled automatically. The point is, that the orto data needs some clean ups (colorcorretion, cloud removal, …) prior to be added in the sim → so we do NOT get updates in Bing automaticlly.

so true, there must be a way out to connect the sim to the google sources instead, LOL

So I guess FS will always stay behind in terms of quality updates compared to bing.
If I check some location and it looks good and sharp in bing, doesn’t mean it has to be the same in FS?

There are a few youtube tutorials to do that :slight_smile:

Asobo has stated that NO mapping have been updated since launch.

If you saw something that looked pretty but later did not this is most likely because of a loss of Bing data.

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No not true. Just because bing is updated it doesn’t automatically update in MSFS.

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It may be updated once in 10 or 5 years, i don’t know. The data in MSFS is ~5 years old which is the biggest issue with the scenery. So don’t get your hopes up, the data probably won’t be updated ever.

Unfortunately no. For example Bing updated SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, LA a few weeks ago but in the game it’s still a construction site. It’s kind of disappointing for me, too.

I have dated some local areas at least 7 years behind in the northeast US.

The power plant left has long since been torn down in 2013 - Bing, the power plant right has been in operation since May 2018 - Google (same location)

Here’s where it gets weird, the Bing data was taken by an environmental service the Google by a farming service in this case and I believe it is why the Google has such “goofy looking greens” and isnt really instantly palatable for MSFS.

i’m not talking about adding PG areas as mods, I’m rather on the processing of the Google world tiles automatically into the sim, like tileproxy back in the day, which sounds quite impossible tho.

Ah, ok. So the only chance for updates on satellite data is actually per World Update in such areas, like today?

Yeah like i said, between 5 and 10 years.
I just don’t understand why. I’m not asking to update the data each day, but once a year or two would be good.
I also hate roads in MSFS, i much more prefer layering roads on top like xplane did. Often the roads in MSFS so poorly visible that it’s hard to tell there’s a road. If i fly closely with the drone i can see the road kinda disappears at some points, some other textures cover it.

Roads actually have alpha channeled half transparent tracks for the vehicle traffic to follow and flow and that’s a big immersion killer in the close-up.

Thats my understanding, yes.