Birds in flight

Hi, i have not seen yet birds
There is any way to tell the sim to have it?
Any slider?

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I only saw once, just north side of the Tivat airport (Montenegro), which was marked as a special fauna in the sim. I do not think we have birds everywhere in the sim, you need to find those faunas

I wonder if we can add them via developer mode, animals are listed under sim objects?

If you search for fauna in the search bar on the world map, it’ll show you locations where you can find birds among other animals.

Birds are everywhere, should be then everywhere

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Yes if you want to kill performance

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A few birds here and there should not kill performance, its just a few animated objects.

type “fauna” into the flight planner, and choose a site to go flying for birds, animals etc etc, its one of the little gems of the sim, and youll complete a achievement doing it.

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[predicts finding flying Elephants next]

Well i understand that there are not bears everywhere but birds you gan find at every prt of the world

You can already find Godzilla.

*not my picture


So many ways to ruin this too…
Soon there will be dinos, ufos, star wars etc…

Yes, I know I don’t have to use those, and I wont :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t mind realistic animals, in more locations. I suspect spamming them everywhere would hit the performance similarly to what cranking up all the traffic options does however.

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I was departing from LGKO, prepping the cockpit in the TBM and suddenly saw birds shadows on the pavement, turned the outside camera, and it was a pretty large flock of birds (they seemed flamencos). But what most caught my attention where the shadows on the ground, very immersive.

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