Black Aircraft Displays on TBM 930 and DA62?


Can anybody advise me how to fix black displays on the TBM 930 and DA62?

This has occurred since the latest update.

I have no other aircraft mods in Community Folder.

Hi there,
We ask that people not ask support questions in General Discussion. I have moved this to Community Support.

Follow this similar topic here:

Empty your Community folder and restart the sim; most conflicts are with add-ons.

Thank you - I will try this.

Ok - sorry

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Hi, emptied Community folder.

Both aircraft loaded correctly.

Believe cause was either PMDG 737 or FBW A320 - I have no other aircraft other than what I bought via the store (Honda Jet and Cirrus Jet).

Cheers, Bill.

Had the same issue, but in my case was caused by UWA Lights mod for the TBM.
Needs to be updated.

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Thank you - I have been trying to track down what item in my Community Folder was causing this - I will remove the light mods.

Yup, this fixed it. Went into my Communities folder and removed the TBM 930 lights mod. Good thing is, it was a folder of its own and I could keep the lights mod for the other airframes…