Black screen on loading. I have to cycle the sound outputs until it starts, then have to swap back to hear? 🤔

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H135, same if in place or removed.

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Brief description of the issue:

The sim will start as a black screen with graphical output. I have to swap and re try the sound output on the computer until it starts without sound then I can swap back.

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As black as this background.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Start the sim. Not be using the sound output it seems to want.

PC specs for those who want to assist (if not entered in your profile)

CPU: Ryzen 9, 5950X
MB: ROG Strix 570 F
GPU: RTX3090
RAM: 32 GB 3600 mhz, XMP Profile 1
Storage: NVMe

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:


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Not yet.

Sometimes my msfs also start with a bla k screen, but I don’t need to do anything, looks like he don’t load only the image, but keeps loading fine. See if you don’t have any program that cause conflict with your drivers for example. I had a situation that my headset program was causing issues with my graphic drivers and causing ctd in a lot of games. I spent several hours and lot of pain until I found that. Maybe this could be your case too

It’s a new build and a fresh install. I was using the USB sound out but PCIE gen4 boards seem to have issues with this so I swapped it to be the via the 3.5mm jack. The only issue is the sim won’t start unless I swap back to the USB sound. WHY it wants this I have no idea. There must a hidden check for it but I can’t find one.

It’s a bit weird, I use my headset connected to normal USB port, not to mobo and I have no issues (unless if I install the Logitech software). A long time ago, I had several issues too with Realtek drivers, after install and update, my sound simply desapear. Nothing work, not my sound sistem, my headset, nothing. After that I made a fresh install of windows and didnt install myself any Realtek drivers. So far no more issues with sound. I believe that you already did that but try to check your USB drivers. Maybe for some reason they could be corrupted or not well installed.

USB sound out seems to have issues with PCIE 4 MB, that’s fine that can be worked around. The issue here is that something in the sim has a sound output requirement that only has an issue for 1%, so this won’t get voted up, but there is a hope they will see it question why it is a thing.

The above issue… I think it must be is a sound driver thing.

Similar here. I can add: with a relatively low grade CPU and GPU like in my laptop, the Sim will probably always start out with a black screen. I estimate it is about 15-20 seconds black. Then I get a popup box saying my hardware is insufficient… but after I click Ok it starts (no issues !). I’ve seen this sequence since nov 2020 with my own license and also another one.

Mine never resolves or progresses unless I choose the USB sound out. I’m very surprised and bemused this is a thing.