Black Square - Velocity XL

Since they updated it, I find it very nice. I bought the 414A this weekend, and I have to say that is just another level. But the Velocity XL is really good now

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From the JF store page:

Based on the default MSFS Extra 330, the Velocity XL’s sound set includes added sounds and custom code to create a fully featured soundscape inside and out to give the feel of the real aircraft’s power and construction.

The Extra 300L has a Lycoming AEIO-540. The stats on the wiki page say the XL has a Continental IO-550 running from 310-340 hp, but further up in the article under the development section it says the plane is designed to fit a number of engines, including a Lycoming IO-540. All the engines mentioned are in the lower 300s range though so the one in the Black Square’s version must be a bit souped up. It is a kit plane so I imagine all sorts of things have been fitted in it over the years.

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Indeed, at least one has even been fitted with a turboprop!

So tempted to buy it. How well does it handle at slow speed? Is it good for slow sight seeing? What are the landing and stall speeds?

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I think that might help you.

But i believe yes, great plane for sight seeing, but it can go pretty fast as well. Great plane, i really recommend it!

I got a not authorized for link. But I went ahead and bought it. Thanks for the info!

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Did the right thing! Hope you enjoy it.

On the page where you bought it there is a link with a .pdf manual that is pretty complete with all the info. Please check it out!

Strange, even when I do it from purchase page, and I already downloaded it, it still get this error message. Maybe it doesn’t like some security I have on my PC. But the manual is included with the install.

Gonna take it out for it’s maiden flight :sunglasses:


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Have fun! Let us know your thoughts later!

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Taking it for it maiden flight from TIST to TJSJ, Saint Thomas to San Juan Puerto Rico.


Here’s a great read on the Velocity.
The plane pretty much taxis and flies in sim how described IRL.


Thanks for sharing, great read indeed.

I just looked through the changelogs from the most recent update, I think this might push me over the fence on buying. Glad to see so many things getting worked on already. Velocity XL (MSFS) Changelog : The Spirit of Flight Simulation (

Does anyone know if Black Square is communicative anywhere? Social media, Discord, etc? Responsive to support requests? I’m not even sure if they have a website.