Blackbox BN-2 marketplace download causes CTD

Installing BN-2 from MSFS marketplace causes CTD; removing the folder from community folder clears CTD.
Blackbox forum implies this is a MSFS problem and not their problem.
No solution has been posted to date.

Sounds a lot like a mod problem and not a MSFS problem considering the simple fact MSFS, again MSFS, does not CTD without the modification.

Is your flight model set to Classic or Modern?

Let’s add an important context here. The Islander, as supplied direct from the developer does not CTD the sim. The Islander, as supplied through the marketplace, with copy protection added to the files afterward by Microsoft (not by the developer) does cause CTDs.

understood - and yet the BN-2 from the marketplace is unavailable until there is a solution.

A friend of mine has had to uninstall the Flying Irons spitfire for the same reason. After the latest update to the spitfire a few days ago, from the marketplace, it caused a CTD every time he tried to run the sim. As soon as he removed the spitfire MSFS worked again. He reinstalled the spitfire and MSFS crashed. Flying Irons told him that Microsoft were looking into it.

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