Blackbox BN2 Islander Version 2.0 PC & Xbox Released in Marketplace

Mosquito, in Microsoft’s Aircraft Selection (i.e. the aircraft you chose, the BN2) under the Weight and Balance tab, even if you’ve set the one passenger to ‘0’ lbs, the passenger list still shows at 170 lbs for the seven other seats, so it looks like the spots should be filled. But like NightMercury said, there are no other passengers. This confused me at first, too. The passenger labled Front Pax Right is the one you want to change to ‘0’ lbs. And don’t put your cursor in the field and just backspace her weight out or you end up with "NaN lb, and you’ll think you’ve zeroed the her out, but she still shows up. You have to put in a “0” for the lbs.

All subtly confusing, I know. :smile: but like you say the plane is good and so much fun to fly.


Has that always been the case? I could have sworn there were passengers in the other seats at some stage…

Anyway, is there a Simbrief profile we can use or whatever the closest plane would be?

Hooray! The update is FINALLY up at the Marketplace! :joy:


Always yes… never been more than one passenger as Asobo supply only the 2 possibilities

I really didn’t want to be “that guy”, but I cannot get the starters to engage on Xbox. I haven’t tried on my PC, yet, but I will.

Yes, I know about the start isolation circuitry and have the External Supply switch set correctly and have tried it in the other position, too.

What am I missing here?

Fuel cocks at the top on? Static elements on clipboard all unchecked?

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I just found all that in the tutorial file in the documents folder on my PC. Naturally, that wasn’t available to me on the Xbox nor BBS’ website (that I could find).

That was the issue – The clipboard and static elements.


[2020 Islander Manual is here]


Right, I have an Islander POH.

It was your Tutorial PDF that I needed to see to learn about the clipboard checklist and the new static elements that were preventing startup. I couldn’t find the Tutorial on your website, just the POH.

I knew to look for it on PC from reading this thread and recalled in the back of my mind that the Tutorial existed.

I just tried flying the new version of the Islander on my Xbox before I tried it on my PC. It also didn’t help that I was doing this for the first time at night and couldn’t even see the static elements, since it was dark.

Finally got to try the update with the Marketplace version. Really a great plane to hand fly.

A couple questions about the DME: it only appeared to pickup NAV2 and I couldn’t find a place to switch to NAV1, is that possible? Also the minute display only read 00, is this functional? And I couldn’t tune the frequency, the knobs turn, but the frequency didn’t change.

Thanks for a great plane!


Wow, the engines sound amazing!


Could someone offer some tips on the Autopilot Alt hold?

No matter what I do, it seems to blow right by the programmed altitude on ascent or descent.

What am I doing wrong?

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You had remembered to press the “arm” button on the autopilot? Hate to ask you the obvious but normally when I sail through an altitude I’ve dialled it in its because I’ve forgotten to arm it…

Yes, I did. I followed the tutorial’s instructions for setting up the AP on the ground.

Then I tried it again in the air when it blew by 8000’.

I’ll give it another go and see if I can get it to behave. This wouldn’t be the first AP that seems to misbehave in the sim.

I’m descending now, so we’ll see if it blows past 4000’.

EDIT: It worked that time. It was either pilot error or some ghost in the machine.

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I found the best way it to ALWAYS set an alt HOLD before increasing it and use VS Mode always until it intercepts the requested Alt (up or down)

for example … togop from 2000 to 5000 … set 2000 and press ALT Button …
then select 5000 and press VS Button (increasing the VS as desired )


Well, @NightMercury358 you’ve done it again — I’ve gotten to re-fall in love with the Islander!

Great job on this update and thank you so very much for providing this for free to us original owners and for your continued attentiveness here on the forum.

The thanks really cannot be given enough, here.



Well said - I totally agree. Thank you!

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You gave plenty thank you !


Agree with all the positive reports. Downloaded the v2 update today from the in game marketplace. It’s very nice & really well done. Great new visuals and amazing sound. :clap: Thank you for this fantastic free upgrade. I think I’ll be flying the Islander a lot more now. Would definitely recommend it to others.

My only suggestions for it now would be -
A sprinkling of optional passengers and maybe an option for official support (selectable from clipboard?) for the GTN750 panel rather than having to unofficially mod it in to replace the GNS530. I hate the 530.


Might be the same thing I missed first time - look over on the right side and find the clipboard, then uncheck all those boxes.