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flimmery textures

Hey there…I am currently experiencing some issues with some flickery textures, mostly when those textures are lit in one way or another. I use the newest version of the addon.

Thank you in advance!

We have seen this MSFS Display anomaly on occasion but have no Idea where the effect is coming from … The Control levers in the shot do not even have a Bump Map applied …

All we can suggest is you play around with your Graphics settings within the Sim and see if that cures it


Fine, but can you please fix the flickering wall in the back? It’s my only gripe with this plane. Maybe the lack of pitch change when deploying flaps too but I have no real world experience so I can’t say that it’s inaccurate.

#1 You never mentioned a “flickering wall in the back” please illustrate / explain
#2 it is Normal practice to re trim the aircraft after deploying / stowing Flaps


I did talk about the flickering wall in this thread a long time ago. It’s like there’s a leak in the fuselage that lets sunlight inside and lights on the wall in the back, behind the suitcase. It could be a problem on my side only, I have no way to check this.

Yes, I know you’re supposed to re-trim the aircraft after deploying flaps but for now there’s no need for it. After the 2.0 update there was a huge pitch change when deploying flaps and people complained about it so the developer released an update that got rid of it completely. I feel like there should be at least a slight change in pitch when deploying flaps but as I said I don’t have any real world experience in the Islander.

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I have your answer.

Are you using the Aspen avionics? If so, for whatever reason, it’s still getting the magnetic heading from the analog plate underneath. You have to sync it to your magnetic heading before switching to the Aspen EFIS, or the AP is going to take you far, far away. It took me forever to figure it out during my flight with it today.

Appears to be a bug, but at least a consistent one - as long as you remember to do that before flight, all should be good. Would nice to see it fixed though.

Does anybody know how to get the black cockpit interior combined with the Shetland livery? I prefer the black cockpit far more than the blueish color associated with this livery.

Easiest way (without needing to rebuild JSON file)
is to open the file
Repaint it Black… and Re save

this will also have the effect of painting others that use also the default colour panel


Perhaps also edit the texture.cfg in the texture in question if just want to do one plane?

what would that achieve ?

I thought maybe there were two cockpits in the install. I was at work and couldn’t check the package. If a black panel was in a separate texture directory, he could repoint any plane to that one.

Tbh, I solved it by downloading a really nice loganair livery that also uses a black cockpit :grimacing:

But, this wasn’t what I was requested. Will try that as well, but no experience so far in repainting panels.

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Writing a song now … “50 ways to change a livery”… :wink:


Problem being there are MANY Textures aliased to the common folder
If you change the CFG You “could” lose them and end up with a Pink Bird :slight_smile:

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NO NEED :slight_smile:

Its a simple Black Square


That was indeed as easy as you said!


I need to do the same, it looks great.

Here’s a little something I’ve written for myself but want to make available for all my fellow Islander fans: I thought custom loading tips like you see for the FBW A320, the Fenix or especially Flying Iron’s P-38 Lightning in the sim would also be nice for the Islander. With a little bit of help from GotGravel (thank you!) I got it working, so here are the steps to follow if you want to see Islander-specific tidbits of info while you wait for the airport to load:

  1. Download the text file below, and open it with Notepad or other text editor of your choice.

islander loading text.txt (3.2 KB)

  1. Select all of the lines (each starting with “Tips”) as one single block and copy.

  2. Find the folder for the Islander variant you want to adjust, e.g. community / blackboxsimulation-bn2-islander / SimObjects / Airplanes / blackbox-aircraft-BN-Islander-PAX (for the passenger version).

  3. Open the aircraft.cfg file in that folder with the text editor.

  4. Find the line that reads [LOADING] and paste the block of text in just after it (I believe keeping or deleting the ImageName = LOADING_FREEFLIGHT bit is optional).

  5. Save the file, load the sim, enjoy!

SPOILER ALERT: If you want to be surprised during the loading, don’t read the actual text just yet while copy-pasting… and look away now.

My tips (please note that while copying the text directly from here would eliminate the downloading step, it won’t work unless you also replace all commas with the string &#44 after pasting):

Tips0 = “An Islander won the 1974 London-to-Sydney air race and was then delivered to Papua New Guinea.”
Tips1 = “The Islander can be configured for commuter, freight, executive, ambulance or special mission duties.”
Tips2 = “Islanders are used on the shortest commercial flight in the world: Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkneys.”
Tips3 = “Islanders have been built in the Isle of Wight as well as in Romania, Belgium and the Philippines.”
Tips4 = “Scotland’s Loganair used an Islander in the 1970s to reintroduce Shetland ponies to Fair Isle.”
Tips5 = “This tips mod is not officially supported by Blackbox Simulation.”
Tips6 = “At least two babies have been born on Islander air ambulances in the Shetlands.”
Tips7 = “Thanks to the legend that is GotGravel for helping me get these tips working.”
Tips8 = “Engine not starting? Check clipboard in door, overhead fuel cocks and external power isolator switch.”
Tips9 = “The second-ever Islander to be built (G-AVCN) has been restored and is now on display in the Isle of Wight.”
Tips10 = “Britten-Norman now services and refurbishes Islanders at Daedalus airport in Lee-on-Solent (UK).”
Tips11 = “Rugged reliability and unpaved runway capability mean Islanders are often called ‘Land Rovers of the Skies’.”
Tips12 = “Over the years Britten-Norman has been owned by Fairey and by Pilatus but is now independent again.”
Tips13 = “Islander islands hotspots: Caribbean/German North Sea/Torres Strait/south and north of the UK.”
Tips14 = “The 1000th Islander was built in 1982 - a figure that is about a tenth of Tuvalu’s population!”
Tips15 = “In the late 1960s an Islander landed on and took off from the ‘HMS Hermes’ aircaft carrier.”
Tips16 = “I wrote these tips until i got bored with th”
Tips17 = “For a wealth of BN Islander info and history check out the BNAPS Facebook page!”
Tips18 = “Fly from Innsbruck to Samedan over Soelden in the Spectre Islander and keep your wings.”
Tips19 = “The first production Islanders were used in the Channel Islands and the Orkneys.”
Tips20 = “Air Alderney is Britain’s youngest airline and uses the Islander.”
Tips21 = “Islanders flying in the East Frisian Islands use four-bladed propellers for noise reduction.”
Tips22 = “Want more BN action? Check out Blackbox Simulations’ Trislander for MSFS.”
Tips23 = “If these tips! Were written by FBW! There would be! More exclamation marks!”
Tips24 = “BN Islanders may soon be powered by hydrogen with technology from ‘Project Fresson’.”
Tips25 = “B-N is named after founders Desmond Norman and John Britten - not the events of 1066.”
Tips26 = “The first Islander flew in June 1965 and the aircraft was shown at the Paris Air Show four days later.”
Tips27 = “The Islander was BBS’s second product for MSFS and then significantly updated to Version 2 later on.”
Tips28 = “Islanders fly several times each day on the shortest airline route in continental Europe between Harle and Wangerooge.”
Tips29 = “Remember to use carb heating levers below throttle quadrant when required to prevent sudden engine power loss.”
Tips30 = “You can go anywhere in the world - and in an Islander you can also land in most places…”
Tips31 = “If you can read this on Xbox then kudos to you for making it work.”


Thank you for your input
However, Please be aware that we can not endorse or support this and can not be held responsible for any problems caused by the editing of Original Files

good luck though !

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Yep, hence Tips5 :wink:… And thank you!

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