Blackbox BN2 ISLANDER Version 2.0 Update

Also the props twist the wrong way. They should have less AOA at the tips than the roots but as they sit now, they have more.

Edit: I should say that the Islander is my favourite plane of the sim and these things are less criticisms and more meant to help something I love with its next step


I am loving what I am seeing in that video. I have spent lots of hours flying Islander and it seems like I will spend many many more. Even before the update, I would count Islander as one of my favorite 5 airplanes in the sim.

I can also see some tweaks done to performance as before it was a bit overpowered on climb. Great!!

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You are a legend my friend, loved the flight model mods you did. Loved it on the king air

I appreciate that!


Fixed … thank you good spot


As mentioned above, after reading this topic and seeing the improvements that are to come, I purchased the BN-2 yesterday, took a short flight in it and really liked the flight model. So, last night I took it for an extended spin and I have to say, the flight model on the existing BN2 is absolutely great. I like it so much, I’m off to buy the Trislander.

This is one of the few aircraft that I own, and I own just about all of them except for the know junk from several developers, that actually behaves as an aircraft should on touchdown. There is no scripted feeling during takeoffs or landings. It just feels exceptionally realistic during those two phases of flight which seem to give many other developers trouble in getting right. I’m sold and can’t wait for the improvements to come.


A Million thanks Simmer !!
I appreciate the comments and it really makes all the time spent at the desk, and the reading of critiques and reviewers niggles worthwhile…

As a famous A lister once said … " I love it when a plan comes together"

Thank You :slight_smile:


We’ll get you your purple robe and some cult membership documents to sign. :wink:

I bought the Islander when it first came out, and then like a lot of planes in my hangar, it sat. I finally started flying it and oh man did I fall in love with it. It’s a great little puddle hopper! v2.0 is super nice. It’s not “Trislander minus one engine” but if you fly the Trislander, you’ll see how the new flight dynamics work out.

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Yard work before Islander? Sacrilege!!

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LOL! I must keep the Colonel happy. Without that, I don’t get the approval for computer stuff. :slight_smile:

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(I’m a baaaad man…)

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It really looks nice and I would like to purchase this right away :slight_smile: however I have read there is no VR support, in particular it misses the very basic (one of the three payware) mouse click to zoom function.

Can you confirm you will fix this in this update pretty please?

@NightMercury358 :slight_smile: thanks!

Cmd-R…Shift-F5…Cmd-R…Shift-F5…Cmd-R…Shift-F5 :smile:

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It’s just 0530 in Malta (0330Z) - Let Mr. Graham wake up and have his coffee. :slight_smile: Then we can bother him!

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Don’t break your PC AND your Mac keyboards! At least pick just one or the other! :smiley:

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Related to the current version, I can’t start a flight at Saba TNCS with the BN2, immediate CTD when trying either from parking area or on the runway.

Can fly into Saba, land, taxi, park, shutdown, re-start and take off again. just not start a session.

C172 as control sample is fine.

Edit - remembered I have installed a livery, so need to validate that’s not the culprit…

Can’t reproduce here, I’m afraid. Maybe clear rolling cache before the next attempt?

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Completely different aircraft. And it has two TPE 331 turbine engines that are impossible to model in MSFS correctly. All the sim knows is PT6 and the Skyvan would be totally wrong with them mounted.

That probably means the freeware textures available will no longer work?

Disabled the livery and problem gone.