BlackBox Simulation releases Cessna L-19 ‘Bird Dog’

Finally on Marketplace the long awaited update and the Xbox version.

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Yes sorry Folks :frowning: Not our fault again
and I am told … the BN2 Update will be “in the following weeks”


Have the same issue with my HOTAS, I’ll try the window open approach as @Nightmercury358 pointed to a controller issue (see above, comment 30th July) that I can’t rectify and is only problematic on this aircraft. Shame because it spoils an otherwise amazing plane.

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I have the latest update from the Marketplace as of today. The Birddog sounds great and flies nicely. Take off seems to be correct and controllable - however - 1) the brakes are too sensitive, 2) aircraft wants to roll forward at idle throttle, and 3) landings are difficult as there seems to be no directional (rudder) stability at all anymore in the landing rollout between 60 down to 30 mph indicated.
Also - in the tundra version (have not tried the others) I still cannot start it up when parked cold n dark on the ramp. Crtl + e is still the only way ?

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I have the update too, thanks. The amphibian model is unusable on water. It does not steer in any useful way at all for taxying. I have used a mod for the default Cub and she steers like a joy on water. I would love to fly this bird again (I only use it for the floats).

The Mykrode Light Sport Amphibious turns super well on water too. I’m not sure how they’re pulling it off, but there must be some technique. MXA [Light Sport Amphibious] » Microsoft Flight Simulator

This is the mod I use for the Cub and it works perfectly Is it normal that the Cub Crafter X Cub - Floats can’t steer on ground? - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums (the C172 does not work quite so well but much better than the default.)

Seems to cold and dark for me just fine. Fuel valve, fuel selector, mixture, mags, battery, crack the throttle, ignition. Should fire

OK, so I’ve got the latest version of the Bird Dog and the water handling has gone from bad to ludicrous after the update, unless you fancy a laugh… Is there any hope of this ever working or has anyone got a fix for this?


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hy mercury , your bird dog its fully compatible with su7 ??? in the future there are news update for these plane ?

I believe that some people only react to praise.

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I believe that some people only speak when they have something to say.
And sometimes they hold off saying anything because no matter what they say it’s held against them. So why say anything?


Mercury ?
who dat ?

The BBS Bird dog, is As far as can be ascertained, Fully compatible with SU7
do you have a specific area of interest ?

PS The reason you find “no news” Is usually because the product is working as expected and requires no update


Mercury Is not your Nic name ???

In future you think we can have HD texture for the interior ?? The Plane Is Good but the texture if we looks other product looks likes old sim.

I Ask you for second time , can we have normal tyre livery on big tyre version? Tnx

No … the ID is NightMercury358 so apologies for my confusion
I really don’t see how it would be possible to get a higher resolution for the interior textures as they are already 4096 x 4096 so what exactly are you referring to ?

Finally we have finished development of the Bird Dog now but I am sure you will find the paint kits of use for any additional livery requirement
you will find them Here

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If the textures aren’t “painted” in a detailed, realistic way to begin with, just increasing their resolution won’t help.


exactly , these is what i want do tell. Its not a problem of resulution , in a problem of “shape” , your plane inside looks like old product.

Im’ sure if you looks inside another payware plane you can understand me.

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I think the problem folks are having is with those 3rd party developers who have products they’d previously released to the older sims - FSX and P3D - that are modifying them for MSFS and calling them out as ‘totally remade for MSFS’ when it’s clear that the artwork (if not the entire model) is not being enhanced to take advantage of the new simulator’s rendering ability.
There is room for improvement.
On the other hand - with MSFS being still very much a WIP - I can understand this ‘shortcut’ these established developers are taking. Easier and cheaper for them to ‘redo’ only the aspects of their existing models that need it to make them work in the new sim and also to reduce the time investment of getting content sold sooner rather than later. On top of that, there is the expectation that updates and changes to the simulation core by MS will cause them much built in required rework to maintain these early releases.
Eventually the clock will run out on these shortcuts as we see newer developers build more ‘original MSFS content’ and some of the larger old shops begin to trust the durability and reliability of the new sim going forward.
Buy what you like and reward the efforts you can appreciate while dismissing the ones you find less than ideal.
I have this model and like it for what it is, good enough until something better comes along…or until BBS updates (completely reworks for MSFS) the 3D model.
This goes for AH and Aerosoft and Milviz etc… though some have put a bit more effort into these reworked models so far than others.
Give them time and some benefit of the doubt, these things will improve.

Well said!