Blackhawk XP67A Engine+ & G1000NXi Mod

Anyone willing & talented enough (and maybe knows any KA350i drivers?) to help me have a stab at a community collab to do an upgraded/modified version of the King Air 350i to Blackhawk and/or Raisbeck spec?

Missing the Aeroworx/Flight1 King Air 200 (hopefully it comes to MSFS!) and it got me thinking we could shoehorn one in performance-wise with some CFG changes? Talented modellers may be able to add strakes and props if the files are unlocked?

Started a GitHub space:

Edit: Sorry, forgot links!
Raisbeck King Air Modifications improve performance & efficiency
Main Page - Blackhawk Aerospace

OK update - the basic figures are in but I’m dubious as-to the SDK docs - example:
Default rated_N2_rpm=29920
My rated_N2_rpm=1700 ;1870 transient

If the default value is 29920 that’s suspiciously like the N1 RPM, not N2. Either a ‘bug’ or someone somewhere needs a crash course in turbines :thinking: Going to see how it behaves to try and work it out…

EASA docs:
Form (

Watching this thread - I’d like to get an uprated KA working!

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Power increase sort of works, but changes to a lot of the table values are way out my league! Any advice from anyone on how I’d get hold of the performance tables for things like the density_on_torque_table etc? I’ve got a few tech docs on the PT6A-67A but none have performance to that level (they all say to refer to the ‘installation manual’ for such things, and not even Google turns that stuff up). I guess I need an engineer’s doc for the -67A?

Got a POH for a Beech Starship to see if there were tables in there but they seem a bit specific and I’ve no idea how to convert the POH (that I do understand how to read) into whatever these engines.cfg values are meant to be (that I don’t understand how it works)

Anyone got access to a Blackhawk-ed KA350i POH they’d be willing to share? :sweat_smile:

If I get that far I may down the line look into making the cockpit a G1000 (NXi) one - seems to be a dodgy mashing of Collins and Garmin at the moment…?

For what it’s worth, the default G1000 will be replaced by the G1000NXi in sim in time.

Working Title is working with Asobo on this.

From WT’s discord - “And to be clear, since there were some questions on this . . .

  • This is a from-the-ground-up build of the G1000Nxi that is intended to replace the existing G1000 in the sim for all G1000 equipped aircraft, as well as being available for 3rd Party Devs to incorporate into other aircraft.
  • It is intended to be a nearly 1:1 replica of the real unit. The initial release will be more feature-rich than the current default G1000, and we will continue to add features over time to reach the 1:1 target.
  • You are seeing RF and DME legs being demonstrated and we plan support for those leg types in the initial release.
  • We have not yet announced additional projects, but the roadmap continues to be discussed and developed in partnership with Microsoft and Asobo. We are currently 100% focused on the G1000Nxi, which to do completely is a major development project.
  • We intend a closed beta (like with all of our work) with our QA team next month, followed by an open beta delivered via the Marketplace in July sometime. We hope that open beta will be successful and that will result in the G1000Nxi replacing the current default G1000 in a subsequent sim-update. This timeline is an ESTIMATE informed by our progress to date."
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