Blackshark AI - Make the AI improve generated scenery

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The AI seems to not improve over time, The Promise of an AI, is that it learns from provided data, and improve over time.
This does not seem to be the issue with Blackshark AI, that provides a “3D twin of the entire Planet”. AI generated scenery and landscapes, does not seem to improve over time.
So the question is: did Blackshark AI, just deliver the data “as-is” and no ongoing improvements/updates is provided to the sim?

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Hi, not sure what people could be voting for?

I think it’s an excellent question, and i would like to know whether the landscape evolves in that way, i suspect not .

I wonder though how anyone could track this as a “bug” or anything as you’d need to set the parameters: what are we looking for, changes in the appearance of ai placed buildings? For that one would need to screen shot some town tiles or something over time and revisit them

I do imagine though the ai drew the world from a fixed set of images at a certain time and did nothing more.

Like i said an interesting question but how do we assess it or measure?

Got you @SuperAstroDog3 - Changed Post title.

Was just wondering if the 2.5 PetaBytes of Azure-data of the world i static.

Blackshark created an engine that uses AI to observe and recreate approximations of buildings not to write it’s own code … How much of their involvement is ongoing I’m not sure but I expect they will still at least have some presence. It’s even possible they are working on a next version of the engine.

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The Asobo guys have said a few times in the dev Q+A that they have an R&D team that are constantly working on making the world look better. Blackshark will continue to evolve alongside that so things will inevitably improve as the years go by.

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Hello @LPSGizmo,
As this isn’t a bug that you are reporting but rather a “wish” for Blackshark AI, this should be posted in the wishlist Latest Bug Reports & Wishlist/Wishlist topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums.

Before creating a new topic in the wishlist, search for an existing topic as duplicates will be closed since this would split votes on wishes.

Thank you.