Blender and Livery Painting issue

Hi team, I just started using a pilots life and wanted to create the Livery for the aircraft my airline uses. I have tried to open models of the aircraft I want to repaint in Blender but everytime I open what should be the aircraft model file I always get this

doesn’t matter which aircraft it is. Any tips as to why I am only get this model

What plugin are you using?

And if you select the model you don’t want to paint and click “Delete” you should be good :grin:

I am using MSFS glTF to import the model. The problem with deleting the one I didn’t want is the model that should of appeared firstly is the Dash 8 and secondly the ATR, but they both come up as the citation with a box plane poking out of the tail

Can you tell me what one works for sure. I spent all day today trying to get one to work. I got the official asobo plugin to install and activate with blender 3.9. But when i went to import the plug in wasnt in the list.

I have MSFS glTF as the plugin, got the latest version from Blender import issues. No longer able to import certain aircraft - #3 by donka73, found that the aircraft paintkits in will work but can’t get the ones already in MSFS to work

I tried the c152 aerobat paintkit from .to and it didn’t even have a .gltf to import. I spent a week on it and never got anywhere. Thanks for the tip but I’ve given up on the whole thing.