Blender created hangar coming out with strange shimmering texture

Hi, i would appreciate some help. I created my 1st 3d hangar object for KPWK with blender ,and created a texture in photoshop with the UVMap, and exported the PNG back into blender, then saved it using the msfs toolkit addon

My object is appearing in the SDK but the textures seem to have a weird illuminated or shimmering/ shaded effect to them . In the back of the hangar, the windows are shimmering . Any help would be appreciated.

I am posting pics of the hangar and also the file within blender with the MSFS toolkit settings.

thank you for helping, this is my 2nd 3D object. ( 1st was a control tower which came out just fine)

Notice on last screenshot have you tried setting the alpha mode to opaque instead of blend?

thanks for the idea I tried changing that from ‘blend’ to opaque but it did not make a difference.

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looks to me that some of these faces are 'shaded smooth '.

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it could be a problem of the normal direction in vertices . Try to add an edge split modifier to the hangar to separate the shared vertices of surfaces. Remember to apply it before exporting it.

How do I do that ? Sorry, I’m new at blender and need to figure out how to add an edge split modifier.

With the vertices joined, if you move a face you change the shape of the object

And by applying a smooth vertex it seems to be rounded in all edges creating the effects you see in your object. So, go to modifier properties (the wrench icon on the right):

And in the menu choose Edge Split

As you can see now only the blunt edge looks round.

because the modifier has separated the common vertices of the faces that have an angle between them of at least 30° (option adjustable in the modifier settings).

To apply it permanently, click on the down arrow next to the modifier and choose apply.


Wow, thank you so much for that detailed explanation with those screenshots. This makes so much sense! I was thinking maybe I have to ‘shade flat rather than "shade.smooth’ but that didn’t help. Tried multiple other things for days and nothing worked. Was thinking of just giving up on this hangar. Been stuck on this part for a month.

Am out of town but will try this modifier when I get home. I have used the Boolean modifier a bit so know how to apply modifiers.

Thanks again for taking the time for this great explanation!

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Hi there, also still rather new to blender, but I saw that you’re only using a albedo map. To control the brightness, shinyness, shadows, etc you should add a normal and a roughness map as well. Flying Theston over on YouTube has a great tutorial about it. Another thing I run into with blender is the default light source it adds to each project, that also creates strange light effects in MSFS, but from what I saw in your Screenshot, you already deleted that.

Thanks for your tips! The textures i had used were all plain png textures, (not pbr), and so they did not come with normal or roughness textures that i could put into those map spaces. (Unless i can use the same png file for all three ?

But thanks for your tips, will look into this too. And yes, i did delete the blender default light source


You can create a normal map very fast using this:


This worked!! Thanks to your great instructions, i was able to fix the hangar and it looks great now! Really appreciate you taking the time to help me.

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