Blender - Exporting Textures Created With Nodes

I am a newbie with 3D modeling, so I am sorry if this sounds like a dumb question.

I followed a tutorial to create a stucco type material for a building using nodes. See Blender Tutorial: Stucco / Plaster Material - YouTube

I just applied stucco to a simple cube for now. It works great and renders nicely in blender. But somewhere between exporting from blender, and importing into MSFS, the texture is lost. In MSFS, all I see is a white cube.

I did not do anything with the MSFS Material Params in Blender. As soon as I select MSFS Standard in Blender for Material Mode, the stucco disappears from my cube in Blender. What am I doing wrong? Can I use nodes to build a material for MSFS? Is there a better way to make a stucco material for MSFS other than using nodes?


You’ll have to bake it to a texture first, that involves UV unwrapping first, and then the baking process

This tutorial takes you through the process.

But to get to know Blender and some fundamental 3D modeling stuff I highly suggest you check out Blender Guru on Youtube, his donut tutorial has more or less become THE starting tutorial for blender and he also has a bunch of other tutorials worth checking out!

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Ok thanks @Truelz. I have seen the donut tutorial. I will check out the UV Unwrapping and Baking tutorial that you suggested.