Blinking clouds after patch 5

Work around:

Go in Options - General - Graphics

Set to minimum the parameter
Render Scaling (30)

Apply and save.

The flickering stop.

Then reset Render Scaling to your previous setting.

This work fine for me.


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Unfortunately the only thing these workarounds do is completely remove the clouds from view, which stops the flickering. But as soon as you try to change the weather preset or start a new flight, the flickering appears again. It is impossible to have clouds without flickering. A much easier solution is to just play with Clear Skies in free flight, and use this workaround (or turn off volumetric effects completely from the developer mode) in landing challenges.

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Yes. Correct.

I have 1 pc with GeForce Titan Black with the problem and another one with GeForce GTX 980 ti without problem.
Same patch instaled.

Not a good “try before you buy” model for gamepass is it?

Still no change to published specs or full disclosure though, so I guess there is still a chance they’ll come up with a fix.

Next BIG question is what’s next or what should one get. If I pick up an inexpensive 10 or 16 series now, will it be obselete right after new year?


I see all thoses screenshots of clouds in FS i want them they were working 100% some days before…pfff


"There was an upgrade made to the clouds during this last patch and the flickering clouds problem is affecting those with video cards on the lower end of specifications. Unfortunately, there is no fix here other than using the simulation on lower settings, which in this case might have to be without clouds. Our developers are aware of the issue, but we do not know if/when the flickering issue will be resolved.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team"


Thanks for the heads-up. Did you receive this response today? Same canned reply at first, but the last part is new. Sadly it does not give us much hope. If this issue is not fixed with Update #7 and the relevant thread continues to be ignored in the next Feedback Snapshot, I guess it might be time to call it quits and patiently wait until I can upgrade…

I received this response yesterday. It seems to have low priority…


Here i am, in love with the game. Got premission to make a low/mid end pc for fs2020.

No problems with the GTX760 , ryzen 5 , but then came the update :frowning: .
My PC does meet all my needs, hopefully they will fix this soon or we’ll have to say goodbye.
This makes me angry and sad. They should make a switch for ( low end clouds ) , should be possible right ?

It should be, but perhaps they decided that it’s not worth the effort since the amount of people with the affected GPUs is very small next to the rest of the userbase. The only way to try and get them to change their mind is to keep reporting the issue. Make sure to send a Zendesk report detailing the problem, and upvote the following thread.

I am in the same boat. I have an Intel I7 with two GPUs feeding multiple monitors The GTX 760 and The 1080. No combination of GPU and monitor is free of the flashing cards. Before update I could fly with fairly good scenery and an average of 30fps. No problem with flashing clouds. The weather was not always accurate but better than nothing. The sim is not flyable after patch 5 unless I fly in clear skies. Totally unfair to change force an update that permanently “breaks” a large number of installs that were purchased just 3 months ago. I will be cancelling Xbox for PC and continue to fly FSX With photoreal scenery and Active Sky weather. Lucky for me MSFS2020 came free with Xbox for pc.

In spite of their claims that logbook is fixed, over half of my flight are either not recorded or show as partial flights. I have flown over 300 hours and my total is just at 150. Early on I actually say some flights recorded with negative hours. Autopilots are sometimes OK and sometimes deadly. All in all the sim is not a lot of fun. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

Do you get the with flashing with ONLY the single 1080 as well? I almost purchased a used 1060 or 1080 thinking they would not be impacted and I would be able to play, at least with lower settings. I feel you - I was loving it even with all the remaining flaws.

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This is an actual joke. I payed $60 for this on release day, my GPU is in the supported specs and the game has been running perfectly fine since then. They can’t just suddenly decide that we don’t get to play the game anymore!


They should, at a minimum, publish UPDATED specs on what will play the game with ALL features (clouds, weather) even if set to lower quality so people are not suckered like we were. Based on if the user above responds to my question I may have purchased a used card and still have been unable to play.

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I have a 1080 and I’ve never seen flashing clouds.

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Thank you for the reply! I am glad you were not impacted.

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I made a question about this in the Developer Q&A section. If it gets enough votes, the situation with the minimum requirements could be clarified on the stream.


This has to be a top priority. I mean i have minumum specs a little above the minimum. like many other people. They are selling a game, and we all payed a lot for that (€120), if you are selling something it just has to be good and has to be working. They describe a minimum, and they cannot say after 3 months ‘‘not my problem’’ if they dont fix this, they have to do a refund, because it will be scamming. I hope that they are fixing it in the very near future. otherewise they have no choise to do a refund to me and many other people.


I got the standard reply on my ZenDesk ticket as well.

I uninstalled this now useless piece of software today. A piece of software I paid $100+ for.

I also suggest to everyone that you update your reviews and ratings on websites like Steam and the Microsoft Store accordingly - a rating you deem appropriate for a product that has been rendered unplayable due to a bug that was forced upon us consumers.


Hi @BeachBum5691,
I have the 1070 (PC) and 1080 (Laptop) and do not have the flashing.

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