Blinking clouds after patch 5

You can enable developer mode, go to Rendering (I think) and disable “Volumetric atmospheric effects”. Of course you will be left without clouds, but it should make the tutorials playable.

When getting told to turn off clouds pretty much nobody considers that they are forced on in the tutorials, bush trips and landing challenges. What can you do.

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Thaks, will give that a try.

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I’ve just noticed that internal cockpit views are overlaid with flickering clouds. This looks more than just an inability of my GTX780 to resolve the resolution. Anyone else noticed this ?

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Eric, I think most participants in this thread are experiencing this behaviour.

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Yes, this affects owners of all the GeForce 600/700/800 series GPUs, as well as some laptop variants of the 900 series. It is a bug, but it is very low on their priority list because the amount of users with the affected GPUs is not high enough.

If you would like to show Asobo your interest in getting this fixed, it is necessary to create a Zendesk report, and I would recommend upvoting the thread I’m linking below. Unfortunately it has been ignored from the Feedback Snapshot for three weeks in a row so I’m not sure if that will do anything, but we need to keep showing them that the way they handled this is not alright.

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Only just DL’d fs2020 and got this issue straight away. Looked outside to make sure those clouds weren’t blinking as I had real weather updating turn on.
Seems to go away (for me) if you toggle between full screen and windowed.
Not great but it’ll do until fixed.
Now… to land this thing.

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Sorry to hear that. It’s unfortunate that the minimum requirements continue to be out of date, causing new buyers to think their hardware is compatible. Let’s hope for a timely fix.

Since resizing the window causes the clouds to completely go away, I would recommend just setting the weather to Clear Skies unless you are flying an activity that forces the clouds on. It’s a lot more convenient.

I never thought I would see the day when I am actually depressed to see blue skies. Lmao :’(
I just want it to be cold, windy, rainy and MISERABLE!


I had to buy a 3070 but I really hope Microsoft cares about the rest of the people.


Might try this later. When you say fixed, do you mean you have clouds and they aren’t blinking? Or just no clouds?

new development update out and no mention of our issue.

You should visit Cardiff. :wink:

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This thread does not have enough votes to make it into the Feedback Snapshot, but “Bring back Clouds previous to update 5” was acknowledged for the first time in the web-friendly version, the pictures in the site are from last week.

Status is “Under Investigation” for the “Backlog”.


This bug isn’t something for the backlog, this issue should be very high on their priority list. It is important and urgent. Flashing clouds makes the game unplayable and to some downright dangerous.

I had the sim since Alpha and bought the premium version, worked fine, patch 5 rolls out, and I feel like I have been screwed.

Sure, flying in clear skies is a workaround, but it takes away one of the core values and attractions of the sim, and at least for me one of the main reasons I got invested in this software so early and with so much money.


I understand and have not used the sim at all since the patch and flashing. Without clouds at all and weather just not the same for me. I also hate that we are missing some of the cool limited time missions/challenges. Did not get to try the Halloween deal but the pics I saw were incredible. I check these threads occasionally for new developments. Thanks and good luck to all.

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Oh yes, I felt really sad that I ended up missing the Halloween challenge. I kept watching gameplay videos with the spooky cloud formations feeling terrible that I couldn’t try it out myself. Hopefully they will put it again next year, and I will probably have a new system then. Unless somehow the pandemic keeps up throughout the next year and purchasing new hardware at sane prices continues to be impossible…

I completely agree that a fix for this should be a priority, and that weather is a major feature and one of the game’s selling points, not just a graphics setting. But the thing is, those affected are just a tiny fraction of the userbase, and unfortunately trying to alert the public about this issue will just lead to people mocking our hardware, as evidenced by the thread I created in the Developer Q&A section. If downvotes existed, you can bet that the Wishlist thread would not make it into the Feedback Snapshot. The fact that it is gaining votes at a steady rate is probably what motivated the team to put the issue on their backlog in the first place.

While I think it is quite likely a fix will arrive at some point now, unfortunately the monthly cadence reduces our chances of getting it sooner. If it is not fixed in the patch coming in late December, then we will have to wait for late January, then late February and so on. I’m not sure if sending Zendesk reports over and over will do anything, but people who have not done so yet should send one immediately. Personally I’m starting to feel physically tired trying to battle Asobo’s stance towards this and anyone who blames it on our hardware, but I will continue to make an effort and keep those threads up so people getting the issue can be informed why. Thank you to everyone doing the same.

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ASUS Laptop with GTX870m, this sim ran great for me on release but now this flickering cloud issue is a big bummer. Doubt I’ll run this game again unless it’s fixed.

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How does a 750ti make minimum spec? It says GTX770

Yes it’s just out of spec, but performance was ok before the flashing clouds suddenly appeared in the patch.

I have recently upgraded to a 1080TI.

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The GTX 770 also suffers the same issue, same with the GTX 780, GTX 780 Ti and GTX Titan Black.

The GTX 750 Ti has less performance than the GTX 770, but it has a newer architecture which has better support from NVIDIA drivers.