Blinking instrument panels Reverb G2

Hi there!

I am having a strange problem with VR.
It’s happening with the instrument panels / gauges that are only visible on the right eye at the edge of the FOV. The Gauges start to flicker as soon as they are close to the edge of the right screen. Its not one special gauge but it happens to all. Did anybody experience something similar? Happening with all planes. Reverb g2 / Rtx 3090 / 5800 x. It’s driving me nuts and it is really bothering.


Yes, same here. Doesn’t really bother me that much, but I know what you mean.

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Have you tried a different graphics driver? Try 457.30, a known stable driver for VR, if you haven’t already.

yes - did that already.

Yes, it’s been like that for me all the time in VR - as I recall also with the original HP Reverb. I have kind of gotten used to it and luckily don’t notice it much anymore.

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I have the same problem with a quest 2

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I’ve seen this too, luckily it only happens in my absolute periphery and not that much so it’s bearable. But yeah they should fix it

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Now that you have mentioned it, I notice it too but, as BearsAreCool510 says, it is on the extreme periphery when wearing the headset hence is not really that noticable, but should be fixed nonetheless.

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Same issue here with Q2. It must be a new bug that came with either Nvidia’s latest driver update, or MSFS latest update/patch. I thought perhaps it was Oculus update, but you Reverb users are also getting it.

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Same here. It is like this since the beginning.
But if you don’t report it as a bug, we cannot vote for it and therefore Asobo won’t see it.


Well I reported it inbrünstig zendesk. They always put it on solved. Can I report it anywhere else?

I think that if you move your original post to the bugs section, there will be a vote button at the top, the VR community then just has to vote for it.

This issue is really annoying.

Can’t find a way to
Move it :confused:

When you edit your first post, you can choose in which section it goes. Select “bugs and issues Virtual Reality”.
Here is an example on one of my post:

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Thanks! Done.

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