BLL STOL Competition Winter 2020

I am pleased to announce Bush League Legend’s first ever STOL competition, and what looks to be the first STOL competition hosted publicly for FS2020!

Since the games release our community has grown massively with over 500 members, with a large number of our members developing realistic flight models for the in-game XCub, building new sceneries and liveries for our round-the-world flight.
We decided to start on a new chapter of BLL to run alongside the other community events we do - to host the first STOL Competition! You are all invited to join us on our discord server over 4 weeks from Saturday 28th November at 22:30UTC to battle it out and show your capabilities at landing in the shortest distances in 4 different locations around the world.

Read the document below for an outline of the competition and links to registration:

And please check out the BLL website for more information, mods, sceneries and liveries to improve your experience of the XCub ingame!:

Adding another location :slight_smile: