Blocked Microsoft Telemetry URL via pi-hole causing CTD?


I recently added a pi-hole to my network to keep the ads out and I just started getting CTDs right around the same time was blocked by the pi-hole.

Now as we all know by now any number of things could cause a CTD in msfs vr but I’ve struck three for three now and im just wondering if this is causing it and I have to whitelist the url or it’s pure coincidence cause I haven’t tinkered with any other setting in the sim.

Just curious.

HP Reverb G2
Ryzen 9 5900x
OpenXR -60%
64GB Ram

Interesting. I wonder how many CTDs are caused by local software or routers that block telemetry for privacy reasons.

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That is an interesting find. I would be interested to know if you can definitively pin down that blocking this url is a guaranteed cause for a CTD.

The three failed attempts where in a Bonanza trying to fly from Mont Blanc to Zurich and the CTDs came at the same time the pi-hole blocked the telemetry url. The AMD driver didn’t crash nor did the reverb G2 disconnect via usb as it sometimes did when I first got it. This was just the sim crashing.

I just whitelisted that url and flew the same route with no issues (although I switched to the citation, I was in a rush :slight_smile: ).

This is by no means a real test so I would have to see what happens with more testing when I or someone else gets the time.

Curious to know if anyone has given this a shot.

I have a pi-hole too, but it appears I have that URL already in my whitelist.

So it seems to correlate. I don’t recall why I whitelisted it, but knowing me, it had to be a darn good reason LOL.

These telemetry data are sent AFTER a crash occurs. Watson, is the generic/legacy name that Microsoft associate with a crash in windows since 30 years.

So, even if you block the domain with Pi-Hole, it doesn’t matter, because the dump upload occurs after a crash.

Hmm okay that’s interesting. I have seen that URL called periodically every hour or so when there is no crash and the pc is running just fine with the sim off.

Let me see how I go. I’ll play around a bit and see what happens.

Same for me. I just checked my pihole logs and it’s there for all my flights today. No crashes, today at least LOL.