Blocking on A32NX

I have a general blocking on the the whole settings on the main panel: speed, direction, altitude, etc.

Try this.

What do tou hear by: source code assets and master branch and where can I find the last updated ? Is it in the downloader ? Thank you.

Best way is to use our installer. You can download it on our website:

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My problem is not very important. What I want is that I ask what I have to do with the uploading of the compressed file of 640 Mo.:A32NX master zip. Where have I to unzip it; and if it replaces the actual A32NX of fly by wire. Also, there is two other files, have I to upload them and where to put them after.

Please don’t use github to download the A32NX. This won’t work since the github files are not compiled. As I said, use the website to download the version you want or use the installer. You can choose between the stable version, the developement version (most up to date but can be buggy) or the experimental/custom version (with fly by wire but without support from us).

When using the installer, go to settings and direct the installation path to your community folder. Then choose your desired version and click install. The installer should remove the old “A32NX” folder in your community folder automatically and then install the new version in a new folder called “flybywire-aircraft-a320-neo”.

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I thank you much, but I just remark that what you propose to me, is precisely, what I use since 15 days.
I actually use the development version which has replaced the stable version, that had some problems.

You can certainly use github for the A32NX mod PROVIDED you download one of the stable releases. He is correct that you can’t just download the raw code from the master branch.

Maybe you should start from the beginning. Check you community folder and remove any A32NX folder in there. Then use the installer and install the dev version (stable should work also by the way but is not as advanced as the dev version).


Tried to load a flightplan, previously created in the SimBrief. Shouldn’t there be a “init request” in the Init menu that imports the flightplan?


In the main menu (MCDU) click ATSU > AOC MENU > INIT/PRES and then the right bottom blue one (INIT Data Req).

Before that, you have to enter your simBrief username in the MCDU options.

Thanks so far

Well I did do that. The username I entered turned into a number, I assume that is correct. But the flightplan is the one that was generated by MSFS before entering the flight. I assume that one should be overwritten by the Simbrief plan.

Never did both. I think you shouldn’t use world map planning, when using simBrief. (or if you use both, do it with the same flightplan)

I guess you must pass that “station” before you can enter the plane or?
I mean clicking on the “World map” from main menu passes you to the planning page where you decide from/to airport, which aircraft, fuel etc, once you select IFR in the dropdownbox, a flight plan is created. And even you don’t and only leave dep/to airports it makes no difference, no flightplan is loaded after clicking on the init request. in the ATSU-AOC MENU-INIT/PRES-INIT DATA REQ. There must be something else that is required before those steps.

Are you using the EFB? I can load my simbrief flight into there, but it won’t help much as the flightplan never shows up in the FMC

You can just choose a departing airport and a gate. That’s it. Then you start the flight, fire up the plane and load simbrief. Then call ATC and request clearance for the flightplan.

You also have to enter your username (or ID, not sure) into the EFB (company options).

Working. I don’t what made it, maybe only selecting a airport gate?

Many thanks

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