"Blocky lighting" or no lighting on aircraft, after SU5

Just a quick issue, which I noticed introduced in SU5, but still not fixed after the two hotfixes, is that my taxi-lights and tail lights act really weird. It seems to depend on what view you are looking at them from, but basically, the lighting changes from a ‘blanket’ of light to a series of uniform “blocks” for taxi lighting, and sometimes the tail lighting, but often, the tail lights don’t illuminate the tail at all! It is most odd. A couple of examples are here:

I’m running on a Ryzen 3800XT with Nvidia RTX 3070, running at 4K with settings on Ultra. As I say, this used to be fine pre-SU5.

I haven’t really seen this mentioned anywhere else though, and on the YT streams I watch they don’t seem to have the issue, so thought I’d ask here… Any ideas?

This is probably a NVIDIA driver bug (or MSFS bug triggered by some driver versions), people claim it’s fixed by rolling back.

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This also is addressed here, so please post your findings there, as I am closing this topic as a duplicate.