[BLOG] 3rd Party Updates/ Marketplace

Hi all!

Your frustrations regarding 3rd party aircraft and the Marketplace are not falling on deaf ears. Jorg stated in the previous Q&A, he is fully aware of this disconnect and that our updates have broken 3rd party planes. Our ingestion time is slow with gathering updates from 3rd parties and releasing them to our Marketplace. This is top of mind. We aim and must do better by our community and our partners.

Our plan to remedy:

  1. Beta versions of new builds(updates) in Q1 2021 so companies have time to test their products before the build goes live and address any issues.

  2. Expanding our Marketplace team in the new year and changing processes. We will share details when available.

This insight doesn’t fix anything right this instant. Our ask: Continue to have patience as these two changes are major in scope and do continue to keep us informed and accountable.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback.

MSFS Community Team

P.S. Carenado mods: We are targeting to have the M20R and CT182T updates in our next Marketplace release (usually Thursdays barring issues.) We have yet to receive PA44 from Carenado.