Blue Earth Too Blue

During cruising especially I find the color in MSFS to be far too much blue shading.

What is best? Go into Nvidia Control Panel “Adjust Color Settings” and reduce the hue?


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I use Nvidia Game Filter to adjust colors and contrast :wink:

There really is no best , as colour is very subjective. You can also try different presets or adjustments on your monitor itself.

That doesn’t work with the MS Store version. It doesn’t recognize Flight Simulator as a supported program.

I have an old Spyder 3 colour checker that I’ve been using for photography…

It colour balances the monitor and it also seems to remove the bluish cast from the sim.

Perhaps your monitor’s colour profile is off kilter.
I know mine tends to ‘drift’ over time.

yes I have 3 different monitors and each renders the colours differently/ My 4k is a little bit washed out while my old HD the colours are quite rich