Blue Whales Found

Whale watching from the Icon A5 amphibious aircraft off the coast of Iceland using MSFS. The closest airstrip from which to take-off is Suðureyri Airstrip (BIIA). It is a small asphalt runway, 1801 feet in length. The Blue Whale playground is approximately 47° and 36 nm from this airstrip. The coordinates of the area are close to 66.65896, -22.80470, but you are better off finding it on the MSFS world map as a POI.

The required mod is called, “Iceland Overhaul” by Baddweapon and is free and available at


Intro and takeoff: 00:00
Water Landing: 01:12
Start of whale sightings: 02:08
Water takeoff: 03:10
Whales from above: 03:40
Head back to airstrip: 04:15

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I bet you didn’t know that 2 whales require about 400 tons of water in which to be comfortable. Give or take the odd ton or two.

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Henrik’s Global Ship AI which released today, features regionally accurate “biologics” which includes whales, as well as totally improves ship traffic density, variety and accuracy for only 5-6 percent slider settings.


That’s cool, but also mildly terrifying. I wish the water wasn’t totally opaque so that you could actually track them from the air. They are incredible animals to see from altitude.


Thank u for that, that got my interest in flying the amphibian.

you do know that two large mature blue whales displace almost 400 tonnes water, and they would be far from “comfortable” even with 4000 tonne or even 40,000 tonnes of water.

1m3 of water is ~1 tonne.

to put that into perspective 40,000 tonnes of water will fit in a cuboid of space:
~34.2m wide x ~68.4m long x ~17.1m deep.

Blue Whales can grow up to ~30m long.


Yes I think I might have been getting mixed up with my species. I was thinking of the Humpback whale, which is where my knowledge is really extensive.

Regarding the 400 tons of water (I was using the Imperial measurement), I was merely stating the minimal viable requirements necessary for emergency transportation from one place to another. For example, many years ago a relative was involved in the calculations to ensure such a scenario. I remember his telling me that in this particular vessel, the Captain wanted to know what speed he could expect from his ship, given that velocity no longer appeared to be a constant.

I found it fascinating.

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Just FYI, these are not blue whales. They are humpback whales.

Oh comon a post about Whales and no one used the Line…okay I’ll do it then ‘Captain there be whales’

That’s not Wales, there are no sheep… :wink:


It’ll be even sweeter once we get water splashes going. I take it that the lack of it right now is because we are awaiting the “magic” of DX12 and its installation into the SDK for third party developers.

This is great news! And having posted in is the icing on the cake!

Now all we need is to get the Panama Canal accurate in its implementation. I haven’t personally flown over it yet in the sim but I did in reality pass through it. Quite an amazing feat, and now they have the bigger, new locks going as well. Tons of shipping in that area waiting their turns to pass through while anchored.

I was going to use photogrammetry but to my knowledge none exists and with the way the locks function I could see someone coming up with a handmade model.

Hump Day! :whale2::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I was havin’ a whale of time up to this point…


The quick blue whale jumps over the lazy plane.
The quick blue whale jumps over the lazy plane.
The quick blue whale jumps over the lazy plane.

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There is no “x” in that phrase.

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aaah? eeehhm? what?..Oh, I see :rofl: (… it took a while :shushing_face:)

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That’s a big fish.

No, it is not a fish

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yo guys Jorg is talking about whales in sim. (sorry my bad english)

To be fair, I believe time was a huge factor in the transport of those particular whales. Also, there was a significant language hurdle the crew had to overcome for the operation of the ship itself.

Indeed, even the quest to find a “nuclear wessel” to refuel the ship became a problem.

In spite of all this, I believe the operation was a success.