Blurry letters in cockpit buttons and screens, please help

Hi there, new into the VR World (1week) this is a truly amazing experience. However, the letters on cockpit buttons or on the PFD or MFD are a blurry mess, NOW AND BEFORE SU5 with scaling at 90 and 100. Is it normal ? Is it driver related ? I have a RTX 2060 with a R5 3600 and 32GB RAM which performs amazingly well in VR with medium settings, I only upscaled to 90 or 100 to try making things clearer.
Is there another parameter in the graphics settings to tweak?
Do you guys have tricks for this cockpit problem ? Because for now I can barely fly only aircrafts without digital displays because of that…
I use a HP Windows Mixed Reality and Open XR.

Thanks a lot.

There is a trick that did the rounds a few weeks ago, go into pc graphics settings in msfs 2020 and set render scale to 200…yes that’s PC settings and yes that’s render scale 200. Didn’t work for some but a shed load of people reported amazing clarity increase. Check out the youtube vids by ‘flight sim guy’ and ‘holden riot’. They both did food tutorials on how to get the best out of this trick. By the way what headset are you using? I’m on a mobile gpu rtx2060 and 32GB ram and for vr I’m using a reverb g2. I’ve had no problems but I didn’t see an increase in clarity when trying the trick. Let me know how it goes for you! Good luck :+1:

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Interesting, I will look into it, thanks! And by the way I use the HP WMR :slight_smile:

Will try this too and will post back with the results.

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, thank you anyway !

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