Blurry LOD textures with SU6

I just did a fresh install of MSFS to see if maybe something was wrong with my install. The LOD ground textures seem to be far more blurry than before. They also seem alot closer too.
Here is a screenshot, Just east of LA. You can see the city in the distance, but the ground is just one big brown blur.
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I’ve tried moving the Terrain Level of Detail Slider all the way up to 400 and down to 100. It makes no difference with the ground textures.

Terrain level of detail @ 150

Terrain level of detail @ 400

Zoomed in a bit:

Here are my settings:

I’m curious if this just on my end, or just how the sim looks now. Again, I did a complete reinstall today just incase anything was messed up with the install

PC - Steam - Not using Dev mode

GTX 1080
16gb ram