Bmep mf rpm crazy

Hi, I’ve been experiencing crazy behaviour of BMEP, MANIFOLD and RPM on DC-6. Whenever I move the throttle a bit the arrows drop and go up again on the gauges. Also when in idle, moving forward the throttle progressively, it raises the power as if it it was on TO/GA and then reduces again to the proper level. I’d like to uninstall the aircraft completely but there are probably folders somewhere that keep saved all the configuration, including camera views etc. Don’ know what to do.

So there’s a lot to learn, first with the DC6 you don’t just dump and pump throttles, you have to ease them slowly. For example, takeoff, ease into it until you see your RPM’s are around 2600-2800.
Also you have to know what setting your DC6 has to be in: Takeoff, Cruise, Descend, Approach? Your BMEP to RPM and MP are all affected. If you’re unfamiliar with all those, use the AFE to set that for you and study from there.
Secondly, learn what positions cowl flaps need to be, it can be critical depending on altitude/air density and keeps engine/oil temps in balance.
So be patient, there’s lots to learn. PMDG’s Youtube tutorials are useful, read the manuals, and look up sources for BMEP and RPM ratio’s. I have an old manual my uncle passed to me so I use that but PMDG’s is also pretty intuitive.

Now on a side note: If controls are bouncing all over the place, I would see if your controller has something faulty, I had an old dying Logitech joystick and the yaw and throttle lever was pretty much done, it lasted 14 years of sim flying.

I appreciate your comment but I’ve been flying this aircraft for a while and I know basically all the configuration. The problem started a couple of days ago and it seems to be my physical throttle. However, the only issue is with DC-6. Every other aircraft I don’t have any kind of strange behavior regarding the throttle. Tks anyway for your time.

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Something I forgot to add that you could probably troubleshoot: make sure your AFE isn’t on, the “take off,” and “cruise,” set commands will take control of your throttles. See if that’s what’s causing chaos in the cockpit.