BN2 Islander any good in VR?

Hey Guys!

Is the BN2 Islander any good in VR? Some textures look really low Quality.


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It’s great…in Xplane.

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Now that … is a conversation stopper! :slightly_smiling_face:


Textures are low quality even in 2D, but I like that plane because it is easy to land everywhere and it has great visibility from the cockpit. I only fly in VR mode. I have a G2 and depending on the kind of flight I am doing, I keep the rendering between 80-90 % with everything in Ultra (G2)

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Ah the old Bongovan. 65 knots me lad!

any game-changing updates to that old dinosaur yet?

Il kommen…Il kommen!

Not much

  • Fully interactive WWISE 3D sound set using Real BN2 Recordings

  • Icing and de icing Features, External and internal

  • New Ground contact effects, Dust, rain, Snow etc

  • 3 different Aircraft Variants, The base BN2-2A-2, The BN2B-20 with pointy nose and shorter engine intakes and one Militarised for Maltese Armed Forces.

  • Highly accurate Flight dynamics test flown by Real World Islander Pilots “She is feeling like an old Friend!” says one.

  • Utilising many of MSFS special paint features, Full PBR Including Ambient Occlusion.

  • Extremely hi Fidelity exterior and interior models with 100% 3d Modelled Gauges.

  • Almost 400 thousand polygons used for External model and Virtual Cockpit.

  • Fully emissive Landing lights and special “PULSE” Feature, Interior lights for Panel, flood and cabin.

  • The three main doors can be opened on the ground as well as the cargo hatch… These are Locked when in the air to prevent accidents!

  • Full Avionics suite that includes the AS530 GPS, KAP140 Autopilot, A KX155A Nav Comm II Radio, Custom build KN62 DME, ADF and Transponder.

  • Many Real Word Liveries included from all around the world. plus our BlackBox Special. You can practice that Killer approach over the traffic into St Barts or drop into London City Airport.

  • More to come in future FREE updates.

Version History


Initial release


  • CHANGED - Load stations reworked for Individual seat positions.
  • CHANGED - Yoke Visibility Switches removed and remapped to Yoke Boss.
  • ADDED - Paint Kit supplied via BBS Website.
  • FIXED - TXPDR - #4 dial reversed.
  • FIXED - TXPRD - stdby. ident knob etc
  • TXPDR - code now accepted by ATC
  • FIXED - flashing glass around storm window and sunblind’s
  • FIXED - spurious “TO” marks from quadrant
  • CHANGED - Reworked ASI Scale and Markers
  • CHANGED - Altimeters now “Dual Scale” Baro reads in MB and InHg.
  • ADDED - Independent Baro adjustment for main and backup Altimeters.
  • FIXED - Normal Operating Airspeed on placard
  • FIXED - OAT Gauge remapped and tuned.
  • ADDED - Cameras CFG reworked
  • ADDED - working HOBBS gauge.
  • FIXED - smoothed nose polys
  • FIXED - dials Emissive texture mismatch fixed.
  • ADDED - ATC VOICE Aircraft Type fixed Now says "Britten Norman Islander”.
  • FIXED - missing TBI Ball
  • ADDED - Curly cable animation.
  • FIXED - DME fully working independently tuneable kn62 on NAV 3
  • ADDED - Icing effects
  • FIXED - GNS530 unit is now on Avionics Master.
  • FIXED - squared gauge holes on backup panel smoothed.
  • ADDED - Windshield De Icing
  • ADDED - Automatic Baro setting on Sim load.
  • FIXED - rudder trim now fully operable
  • FIXED - Clock hour hand
  • IMPROVED - Prop Inertia
  • IMPROVED - Adverse Roll with Rudder / Trim
  • CHANGED - Parking Codes, now only "RAMP”


  • FIXED - Glass in exterior models
  • FIXED - Load Stations … Not defaulting to overweight !
  • FIXED - Pilot / Passenger & Bags switchable via Load Station weight
  • FIXED - CDI and GS Needles back in Nav 1 & 2

v1.1.3 ( MarketPlace Version Only )

  • FIXED - WASM gauge encryption on Pre Haswell CPU’s causing crash to desktop


  • ADDED - WWISE fully interactive 3d Sound set
  • ADDED - Landing gear effects, wet, snow, dust, etc
  • ADDED - Environment Occlusion for cabin
  • ADDED - Vieques Air Link Livery
  • TWEAKED - Engine performance
  • TWEAKED - Throttle response


  • FIXED - Nav Com 2 Tuning
  • FIXED - Fuel Pressure gauge display


  • FIXED - CHT excessive Cooling
  • FIXED - Manufacturer Name Typos

That’s a mic drop right there.

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We need these updates in the market place.

Yes so do we … Patience please
They take time

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For some reason the Islander is the only aircraft I possess that’s completely unusable in VR because of very low frame rates. I have a G2 and a 2080Ti. Some developers have consistently good in-cockpit frame rates for me (Just Flight and Aerosoft), default Asobo planes are in the middle, and Carenado give consistently poorer framerates (but still playable). In the Islander the frame rates are literally half of that, not sure why…

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