Boeing 737 MAX

Wouldn’t the 737 be a great addition to MSFS Especially the new model The Max
personally i would like the Max 7,8,9 & 10 [All versions of the max] in the sim because the 737 has been in MFS Franchise since '95 so if a third-party could mak a max
i would be so greatful

Sadly, won’t happen unless a 3rd party developer creates it.

Much as they have been quite glitch stricken at first, I must confess I love all three default airliners in their design, smoothness and response.

I believe than ASOBO can design a perfect BOEING 737 MAX with their modern codeing so that we won’t have to wait for yonks for the famous developer to render one with their already old code.

But, I also know that they WON’T.

Already exist : named static plane :sweat_smile:

Well Bredok3D made one and was released 2 days ago

that’s why Asobo should make one.