Boeing 747 AP unusable since Update 8

And then, on the very next flight, without restarting the sim, I fly from CYUL to KMCO and the AP behaves as expected. It climbs to the preset assigned initial altitude, it maintains speed with VNAV, it responds to my altitude changes via the dial and click during my step climb.

The only thing consistent with the AP is its inconsistency.

Whacky robots.

It could just be that there is a pattern that is non-obvious. Computers are notoriously causality-based.

Sadly so true.

I stopped trying to fly the 747 since the SU8 in favor of the A320. But there are also issues with the AP

I couldn’t see if this had been said already but since the update I’ve also being having problems with LNAV. It sometimes just randomly turns off path and flies off into the sunset and I end up having to do the rest of the flight in heading select all the way which isn’t ideal was wondering if anyone else has had this issue because I haven’t ever had it before this update

Using the Salty mod or no?

No I use series x

Is that a mod?

:rofl: :joy:

As I mentioned before. Since SU8, it sometimes happens that the Fmc no longer follows the flight plan correctly. This happens especially in the approach phase. ( on Boeing or Airbus)

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Yes. After SU8 A320 AP is presenting some issues, when flying a designated path, it cancels the Flight Plan directing the airplane directly to the last Waypoint (the RW).

Anyone have a problem with vertical speed on 747 (xbox series version) on last part of flight,when plane catch ils beacon, vertical speed is going to 6000 feet,and stab trim doing something crazy?

The main issue that I have is that no matter what, I can’t activate the flight computer on the 747. Does any one has t the same problem? and if so, what is the solution?.